In the Name of Art ─ Hong Kong Contemporary Art Exhibition

2015.8.15 – 10.11
Venue: Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei

A participating programme of ‘Hong Kong Week 2015' in Taipei

Presented by Hong Kong-Taiwan Cultural Co-operation Committee

In association with Hong Kong Economic, Trade and Cultural Office (Taiwan)
Supported by Hong Kong Tourism Board and Hong Kong Trade Development Council
Jointly organised by Hong Kong Museum of Art and Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei

Featuring site-specific installation works by anothermountainman (Stanley Wong), Luke Ching, Jaffa Lam, Phoebe Man, Kingsley Ng, Stephanie Cheung, Tang Kwok-hin and Justin Wong, this exhibition explores in the name of art the faces of Hong Kong art and brings issues into dialogue with the Taiwanese audience.

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Justin Wong
WhatsNews Station

Wall-less Chit-ChaNt


2015.11.28 – 2016.5.29
Venue: Art Square at Salisbury Garden, Hong Kong Museum of Art

Although the Hong Kong Museum of Art is temporarily closed for renovation, Art Square fully maximizes its strength as a wall-less gallery to promote local art and talent. The new exhibition "Wall-less Chit-ChaNt" showcases large-scale artworks connecting various stories and opinions in society. With these artworks and a series of creative activities, we will chat and chant about art with you. 
At the centre of Art Square, Agenda No. 3 is an installation by Freeman Lau. With the unique shape of individual chairs combined into a forum-setting circular structure, the work symbolizes the artist's vision for a harmonious society that embraces diverse opinions.
Another artwork is an interactive installation by Zheng Bo entitled Sing for Her. He introduces the stories of different communities to Art Square through music videos he made from songs that tell of their culture and histories. You are invited to sing along with the music videos through a huge cornet!
Come chit-chant with us and stay connected.
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Freeman Lau Agenda no. 3
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Freeman Lau
Agenda no. 3

"Maritime Porcelain Road: Relics from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Museums" Touring Exhibition in Mainland
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Pair of sweetmeat dishes in shape of reclining horses
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Pair of sweetmeat dishes in shape of reclining horses
17th century

Until 2015.10.18
Venue: Zhejiang Provincial Museum

Jointly presented by Department of Culture Guangdong Province, Cultural Affairs Bureau, Macao Special Administrative Region Government and Leisure and Cultural Services Department, the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and Department of Culture Zhejiang Province

Jointly organised by Guangdong Museum, Macao Museum, Hong Kong Museum of Art and Zhejiang Provincial Museum

The Hong Kong Museum of Art will join hands with the Guangdong Museum and the Macao Museum to co-organise a touring exhibition entitled ‘Maritime Porcelain Road: Relics from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Museums'. This will take place in three provinces in China, namely at the Zhejiang Provincial Museum, the Hubei Provincial Museum and the Shenzhen Museum from 2015 to 2016. The exhibition will be launched at the Zhejiang Provincial Museum in July 2015. Featuring more than 180 exhibits from the collections of the three museums, the exhibition presents a study of the importance of export ceramics in China trade history and their impact on Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Europe, and sheds light on the cultural significance of Chinese ceramics in the course of global history.


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