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Artists in the Neighbourhood Scheme V
Men and Women • This and That — Works by Rosanna Li
Presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department
Organised by the Art Promotion Office
Project Partner: Sino Art
Arts Accessibility Service Partner:
Jockey Club Arts Accessibility Service Centre, ADAHK
Design Partner: Chau So-hing

For Rosanna Li, ideas for creation emerge naturally from what she sees and encounters day in and day out, yet her works never fail to deliver delight and excitement. This exhibition sets out not only to offer the audience visual enjoyment, but also to provoke and challenge our inertial thinking and accepted practices. As we step into the exhibition hall, we are presented with a game of the genders through a jigsaw of signs, symbols and colours which breaks all the codes and reverses the stereotypical. And just when we are still muddle-headed with the male/ female juggle, Rosanna's signature ceramic figures appear in front of us, greeting us with their usual smiling faces. This time, the "pottery folks" are arranged in groups of three of men and women, playfully introducing a series of seemingly feasible Chinese characters and openly inviting us to join them in the puzzle of word reinvention.

Rosanna questions conventions and social culture through her works, but she always does it with wit and humour. Rather than to be polemic, her works tend more for a nod or an understanding smile in the audience. This exhibition also includes her "cha chaan teng" (local-style café) pottery series and her installations with ready-made objects. It is the most comprehensive showcase of her works in recent years. Following the exhibition at the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, the "cha chaan teng" series will be exhibited at Olympian City 2. During the exhibition period, the artist will also meet and discuss her works with audience over tea and coffee.

Exhibition (I)
Date : 16 – 26.11.2012
Time : 10:00am — 9:00pm daily
(Closed on Tuesdays)
Venue : L5, Exhibition Hall, Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre
Address : 7A Kennedy Road, Central
Free Admission

Exhibition (II)
Date : 1 — 16.12.2012
Time : 10:00am — 10:00pm daily
Venue : UG/F, Olympian City 2
Address : 18 Hoi Ting Road, West Kowloon
Free Admission

Education and Extension Activities (in Cantonese)
Activity 1: Exhibition Guided Tour by the Artist (in Cantonese)
Activity 2: Tea-gathering with Rosanna Li (in Cantonese)

Exhibition Guided Tour for Groups
A free guided tour is available for groups/school parties of more than 10. Please book your tour by phone at least five working days before the planned date of your visit. First come first served. The time of the tour will be arranged by the Art Promotion Office.

Community Art Team, Art Promotion Office
Tel: 3101 2712 / 3101 2713
Fax::2104 7886

Arts Accessibility Service
We strive to make our programmes accessible to all. A braille version of the exhibition pamphlet is available, while guided tours and workshops will be organised during the exhibition period for communities with special needs. Please contact the "Jockey Club Arts Accessibility Service Centre, ADAHK" for more details.

Tel : 2777 1771
Fax : 2777 1211
Email : enquiry@jcaasc.hk
Website : http://www.jcaasc.hk

Download Here:
Exhibition Pamphlet (7.6MB)
Poster (885KB)
Press Release (362KB)

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A partial view of Male or Female?, a work by Rosanna Li
Male or Female? (partial)
Rosanna Li
Ready-made objects
Variable size
Me Go for You Go for Me, a work by Rosanna Li.
Me Go for You Go for Me
Rosanna Li
Stoneware and dried flower
Whole set approx:
40cm(L) x 23cm(W) x 30cm (H)
Exhibition at the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre.
Exhibition at the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre.
A partial view of Yuanyang Café, a work by Rosanna Li.
Yuanyang Cafe (partial)
Rosanna Li
Stoneware and mixed media
Whole set approx:
118 cm(L) x 118 cm(W) x 28 cm(H)
Exhibition at the Olympian City 2.
Exhibition at the Olympian City 2.

Exhibition video (12min25sec)
The video introduces the artistic concepts of Rosanna Li.




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