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About vA!  

vA! A hub for you to explore and get passionate about Art!

Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre (vA!) is an open, multi-directional art space that focuses on art learning , research and exchange. Whether you are a full-time artist, amateur enthusiast, or general public, you can absorb the nutrients from art and obtain opportunities to create here, making your life an art.

We pass on knowledge of art to the public by organizing different kinds of art activities including workshops, lectures, residence programmes, etc. We are fully equipped with eight art studios for ceramic, sculpture and printmaking to offer the acquisition of experience and skills by budding artists and art lovers. In addition, we build bridges between the audience and art practitioners with the exhibition hall, lecture theatre and multi-purpose rooms which are open to artists and art groups for hire. Besides, we also embrace our mission to nurture young art talents and bring a wider vision for Hong Kong by organizing international art and cultural exchange programmes for the local art community.

Situated in the Hong Kong Park, Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre is a Grade I historic building. It was built in around 1900, formerly named Cassels Block and served the Married Quarters for British officers. Today, its English name "vA!" shows the expression of excitement and surprise that art brings to us, and echoes "Oi!"—the English name of its sister venue also under the management of the Art Promotion Office. Representing the vertical axis, vA! will continue to provide art training programmes for the public to further their artistic development, while Oi! as the horizontal axis will explore the possibilities of experimenting in art by providing space for projects that can inspire creativity and organising programmes that engage the public.