Artist in the Neighbourhood Scheme III


The Community Art Team of the Art Promotion Office has dedicated its efforts in implementing the "Artists in the Neighbourhood Scheme", for we believe that there is an intrinsic relation between art and life. We aim to bring art into our daily life through displaying the latest works of outstanding local artists in different locations, so that the general public can enjoy the exhibitions in the neighbourhood. Just as reading a novel, listening to a music CD, or watching a performance or movie during our leisure time, we may also attend an exhibition to refresh our mind in the hustle and bustle of life.

There are totally 12 parties selected for the "Artists in the Neighbourhood Scheme III", which include 9 individual artists and 3 art groups. We have the experienced artists as well as the budding ones covering a wide range of art media. Solo exhibitions of the selected parties are scheduled from September 2005 to 2007 at different venues. For this Scheme, we will stage exhibitions at various venues of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department. Besides, we will line up different working partners to extend to greater variety of venues and broaden our audience base. For the latest information of our exhibitions, please refer to our "Latest Exhibition".

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