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Programme and Development Committee

Upon the recommendation made in the Committee on Performing Arts Recommendation Report (I), a Programme and Development Committee (PDC) supported by six Art Form Panels (AFP) was established.

The Programme and Development Committee (PDC) and Art Form Panels (AFP) are tasked to advise LCSD on the strategies of performing arts programmes (locals, Mainland and overseas), formulate structured and sustainable strategies in identifying and supporting the development of budding and small-scale performing arts groups.

(Terms of office is until 31 October 2014)

Programme and Development Committee


(in alphabetical order)



Mr. TAM Wing-pong, SBS



Dr. CHEUNG Ping-kuen, MH
Ms. CHONG Mui-ngam, Candace
Ms. Pewan CHOW
Prof. Gilbert C.F. FONG
Ms. Stella LAU
Mr. MO Yu-tin
Mr. PAK Tak-wan, Christopher
Mr. SETO Yok
Mr. SHIU Shu-shing, Jimmy
Mr. TANG Shu-wing
Mr. YEUNG Wai-shing, Frankie, MH

Ex-officio Member
(Chairman of Venue Partnership
Scheme Committee)


Prof. TSENG Sun-man, JP

Enquiry no. of the Secretariat of Programme and Development Committee: 2268 7284

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