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Arts Festivals under the Festivals Office

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The Festivals Office organizes two arts festivals annually for presentation in the major performance facilities of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD):

(a)the International Arts Carnival in summer; and
(b)a thematic arts festival in autumn.

International Arts Carnival (July-August)    
The International Arts Carnival is a yearly event to provide children, teenagers and their families with fun-filled cultural programmes and interactive activities during summer. Performances include music, dance, music theatre, drama, puppetry, mime, magic, acrobatics, physical comedy and multimedia theatre, all aimed at nurturing your interest in the performing arts. Featured artists and arts groups are drawn from Hong Kong and around the world each year, thrilling audiences with their artistic visions and diverse techniques. The Carnival lines up a wide variety of extension activities on offer including pre-carnival school tours, community outreach performances, School Culture Day programmes, demonstrations, workshops, exhibitions and cultural tours. It also includes child and family activities organized by LCSD-managed museums and libraries over summer. This year, the International Arts Carnival is held from 11 July to 17 August 2014.

Thematic Arts Festival (October-November)  
The thematic arts festival is organized every autumn with a different theme set for each year. It aims to enhance the public's awareness, understanding and appreciation of the arts and culture of Hong Kong, Asia and other parts of the world and promote Hong Kong's image as a cultural metropolis of Asia.

Legends of China Festival
In 2001 and 2003, the Legends of China Festival was presented with content based on Chinese legends, folk and historical stories as well as legendary figures in Chinese performing arts. In the 2003 Festival, the scope was expanded to cover programmes of a legendary nature and works depicting memorable times in Chinese history. Other than traditional repertoires, modern works were also featured.

New Vision Arts Festival
The biennial New Vision Arts Festival presented since 2002 is a platform for artistic creation and international cultural exchange showcasing innovative and outstanding cross-disciplinary performances with an Asian focus. It is also a window to introduce pioneering and cutting-edge international programmes to widen the audience's cultural and artistic vision. The seventh edition of the New Vision Arts Festival is held from 16 October to 16 November 2014.


World Cultures Festival

Latin Passion Festival
The Latin Passion Festival presented in 2005 was the first thematic festival on world's cultures. It aimed to promote appreciation of Latin American art and culture. A variety approach in the programming direction was adopted so as to provide a wide spectrum of programmes to the audiences. They were streamed into the ethnic; the popular and the contemporary.

Mediterranean Arts Festival
The theme of the World Cultures Festival of 2007 was the Mediterranean. The Mediterranean region has always been exotic and mysterious. With the Mediterranean Sea connecting as well as separating the different countries surrounding it, a rich cultural exchange is brought about. The Mediterranean Arts Festival introduced the audience to the leading artists from Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey and North Africa in an enchanting showcase of music, dance and drama.

The Silk Road Arts Festival
The Silk Road Arts Festival 2009 was the third enterprising artistic showcase in the World Cultures Festival. The Festival sought to illuminate the rich cultural diversity along the Silk Road, traveling from Xian in China across the Taklamakan Desert to Central Asia, the Middle East and on to the Italian capital of Rome.

Enchanting Arts of Asia
"Enchanting Arts of Asia" was the focus of the fourth edition of the World Cultures Festival. It showcased the many-faceted gems and beauty of Asian traditional and contemporary arts and cultures, as well as the most representative art forms, artists and arts groups of the Asian region including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Nepal, Korea, Bangladesh, etc. The festival also provided a platform for cultural exchange within the region.

Lasting Legacies of Eastern Europe
The theme of World Cultures Festival 2013 was on the arts of the Eastern European region, which featured the most representative art forms, artists and arts groups of Eastern European countries, namely, Russia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Ukraine. An array of programmes including dance, theatre and music was presented to showcase the rich and diversified cultures and traditions of the region inherited from the past and transformed to the present, with new developments reflecting the multi-faceted contemporary society.

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Submission of Proposals 

The Festivals Office welcomes proposals of quality and innovative programmes for the Department's presentation or sponsored presentation in the festival/carnival. Proposals with information on the programme concept and form of presentation, artists, production details, estimated budget and background information such as past reviews and recordings etc. are requested to reach the Festivals Office at least ten months prior to the festival/carnival aimed for participation.

Assessment Criteria and Procedure 

All programme proposals are assessed in detail according to the same set of criteria. The criteria include the professional and artistic merit of the programme, artists and production personnel concerned, the relevance of the proposed programme to the theme and objectives of the festival/carnival, the overall programme balance of the festival/Carnival, financial implications, technical viability and marketing consideration of the proposed programme. Assessment of proposals is made at the Programme Meetings of the Festivals Office and recommendations will be submitted to the Art Form Panel on Festivals for comments.

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If you have any general views on our programmes, please write to us by email: fo@lcsd.gov.hk or by fax: (852) 2371 4171.
Financial Figures and Attendance for 2013/14  
Expenditure (HK$)*
Salaries: $6,255,344
Operating and Programme Costs: $27,575,899  
Total: $33,831,243  
Revenue (HK$)*
Total: $8,029,764  
Total: 213,370
*Excluding figures for subvented programmes
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