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Restored Treasures

Restored Treasures

There is a wonderful bonus to watching a restored film. We are not only engaged by the work itself but are also filled with the pleasure of knowing and the joy of appreciation – knowing that we would otherwise be either watching a damaged version of the film or even totally denied of it, appreciating the work done by the conservationists and our good fortune to be watching the film's glory reinstated.

And for film archives, presenting restored films to the public is always a wonderful occasion. For preserving our cinematic heritage is a primary goal of archives and restoring films ravaged by time is an integral part of that goal.

It is with great joy that the Hong Kong Film Archive is presenting the new series, Restored Treasures, featuring films from all over the world that had enjoyed different forms of restoration. We kicked off the series earlier this year in collaboration with the Hong Kong International Film Festival to present the classics Metropolis (1927) and Confucius (1940). The program will continue by screening a restored film the first Sunday of every month, featuring a mix of works from Hong Kong and abroad.


Last Updated On :27-05-2010