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The Bitter Tears of Ruan Lingyu

The Bitter Tears of Ruan Lingyu

Ruan Lingyu is an emblem of 1930s Shanghai and the Golden Age of Chinese cinema in the pre-war years. She was glorious, yet tragic; sensual, yet proper; humble, yet elegant. She was a big star who ended her life and career prematurely, which only made her live larger in our memories.

She was born in 1910, in Shanghai but to Cantonese parents. She applied to the Mingxing Film Company at 15 and became an actress, shooting to stardom after a few years of playing minor roles. Her career peaked after she joined United Photoplay Service (aka Lianhua Film Company) in 1930, enjoying chances to work with top directors like Fei Mu, Zhu Shilin and Sun Yu.

Then, on March 8, International Women's Day, 1935, she took her own life. The whole of China mourned. Yet her legacy lives on, winning audiences up to this day with the few of her films that had survived.

The Hong Kong Film Archive is presenting this program on Ruan Lingyu to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the actress's birthday. This program is presented with the China Film Archive, which put the titles together and provided us with copies, and the Taipei Film Festival.


Last Updated On :05-05-2010