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Forever Yam Kim-fai

Forever Yam Kim-fai

Yam Kim-fai is an actress, a star, an icon, a legend, a myth, a mythology.

She passed away 20 years ago on November 29. To commemorate this occasion, the Hong Kong Film Archive is presenting a special programme, screening twelve of her titles. All of the films screened come from the Film Archive vault, collected throughout the years from various sources. Many of Yam's films had been released on DVDs in recent years and with slight exceptions, we are screening only titles that, as far as we can determine, had yet to be released in the market.

"Forever Yam Kim-fai" opens with a special screening of Butterfly and Red Pear Blossom (1959) at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. Although a DVD version of this much-cherished title has been in circulation for several years, our version contains key moments missing from the DVD. It is to our deep regret that this film can only be shown in Digital Beta format, since our print is damaged and our budget for film restoration is limited.

The rest of the programme highlights Yam's interaction with actresses. Yam is best known – and beloved – for her male roles and had played against most of the top Cantonese actresses of her time. Our programme features Yam in at least one film with each of her co-stars Pak Suet-sin, Tang Bik-wan, Law Yim-hing, Yu Lai-zhen and Fung Wong Nui. Unfortunately, due to copyright problems and print availability, we are unable to screen titles starring Ng Kwan-lai, with whom Yam had frequent collaborations.

Special thanks to Ms Pak Suet-sin, Dr David Chan, Mr Michael Lam, Prof Lo Wai-luen, Ms Cheung Man-wai and Mr Leonard Wong for their generous help in the preparation of this programme.

Celebrating the successful inscription of Cantonese Opera on the "Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity" of UNESCO


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