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The Legend & The Beauty - The Films of Lin Dai

The Legend & The Beauty - The Films of Lin Dai

Lin Dai (aka Linda Lin Dai, Linda Ching) is more than a star; she's a legend. Her life was famously and prematurely cut short by suicide in 1964, but that only heightened her mystique. We would never know what could've been. For that, we miss her and admire her and love her even more.

Her star shone brightly in a career that spanned 14 years — her first film, Singing under the Moon, was released in 1953 and her last, The Mirror, in 1967 posthumously – decorated by four Best Actress awards and no less than a dozen big hits. She was as beautiful a star as she was versatile an actress. And she was versatile in her beauty, appearing endearingly gorgeous in vastly different roles, in ways wonderfully befitting of them.

She started her career playing village lasses but quickly moved on to embody other personas. She was as captivating and compelling playing historical figures with tragic dispositions as she was in city comedies, making us laugh with her wits or at her wimps. She was strong-willed – friends and colleagues told us so, but we don't really need to be told, for her toughness came through readily in her performances, even in her characters' weakest moments. She was a consummate actor, but it was her strong personality that elevated her to stardom and beyond.

To commemorate the donation of Lin Dai's personal artifacts by her son, Lung Tzong-hann, the HKFA is presenting this programme of eighteen films. Special thanks to Mr. Lung, Shaw Brothers (Hong Kong) Limited, Cathay-Keris Films Pte Ltd, Celestial Pictures Limited and the Hong Kong Heritage Museum.

May the legend live on.


Last Updated On :29-7-2009