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The Cold War and Hong Kong Film

The Cold War and Hong Kong Film

The Cold War was a global event that impacted Hong Kong greatly. The then colony was a wide-open town where different factions from both sides of the ideological divide converged. The colonial government was thus forced to toe the line, carefully maintaining a precarious peace. As such, overtly political content wasnot allowed in films. It is profoundlyironic that while Cold War politics infiltrated life in almost every aspect, very little evidence of them can be found in perhaps Hong Kong's most popular form of entertainment. At the same time, filmmakers were also able to work their ways around the rules, offering covert ideological messages in their works.

The Hong Kong Film Archive collaborated with the Centre of Asian Studies, The University of Hong Kong in 2006 to hold a conference on the topic of the Cold War. The threeday meeting yielded many insightful papers and much provocative discussions, its proceedings anthologized into the book The Cold War and Hong Kong Cinema

The Hong Kong Film Archive is presenting this small screening program to tie in with the book's publication, featuring several films discussed in the book. Due to problems in film sourcing, we regretfully are unable to present a program with a balance of ideological stances.


Last Updated On :12-5-2009