Application Deadline: 6pm, 5 September 2014

2014/15 New Synergy Arts Animateur Scheme


Through the years, many students have gone on from SAAS to express their enthusiasm in different art forms, and the instructors have also discovered many students with talent and potential. While SAAS is aimed at schools, some may not be able to make arrangements for their students to continue such artistic training, and art training courses are not always available. Therefore LCSD in the academic year 2012/13 launched the New Synergy Arts Animateur Pilot Scheme so as to enable the students who have participated in playwriting and music composition training courses to individually enrol in advanced training programmes, to further develop their artistic potential.

Trailers of the projects (In Cantonese)

“Texture and counterpoint” Advanced Music Composition Training Project

Details Download transcript (Chinese Only)

The Playwright Intensive Training Course

Details Download transcript (Chinese Only)

How to Apply

Application form can be downloaded here (pdf) (Chinese version only). The completed form should be returned to the Audience Building Office by mail or by fax before 6pm on 5 September 2014 (Fri).

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