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Cultural Services Volunteers

To promote arts and culture, the AB Office welcomes volunteers interested in the arts to participate in our cultural activities. Members of the public who are interested in any of the following volunteer services are welcome to contact us.

Venue Description of Volunteer Services Required Requirements Contact Person & Tel. Number
LCSD performing venues, museums, libraries/ community centres/ shopping malls/ outdoor areas etc. Programme Observers
To conduct on-site interviews with participants of "School Culture Day Scheme" and "Community Cultural Ambassador Scheme" activities, to gather their views on the programmes and complete the "Cultural Volunteer Observation Report" for evaluation of effectiveness of the programmes.
Good communication skills Mr. Cheung Po-tak, Po
2591 1738
To take on-site photos/ videos of programmes. (Flashlight or camera lighting should not be used to avoid causing distraction to the performers and the audience.) Photos/ videos taken should be returned to the Audience Building Office in the form of films, CD's and videotapes on or before the assigned date(s) for processing.
Good photographic skills
Other volunteer works
Volunteers are welcome to help with decorating the venues, reception and crowd control. The duties may differ depending on the nature of the activity.
Be responsible and have good communication skills