School Culture Day Scheme

The Audience Building Office under the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) is committed to promoting knowledge and interest in culture and the arts among students by launching various arts education programmes for schools. Among all the programmes launched, the widely acclaimed School Culture Day Scheme has a particularly long history. Since its inception over a decade ago, more than 980 schools have participated the Scheme and the cumulative attendance exceeds 1.56 million.

With the introduction of new teaching methods, the activity approach has become increasingly popular in Hong Kong. The world beyond the classroom is now an essential part of learning and LCSD’s performance venues, museums and public libraries provide students with a wealth of resources ranging from the arts, culture, history to science. Every year, the Scheme organises a wide array of activities, including more than 600 performances, guided tours and workshops. Students would have the opportunity to consolidate their knowledge acquired in class and enhance their cognitive, communicative and problem-solving skills as well as their creativity for their personal growth and holistic development.

Apart from well-received recurring programmes, this year the Scheme will feature performing arts groups which join us for the first time. While showcasing their talents in these new programmes, artists with disability will also inspire and encourage students from special schools. Additionally, Arts Accessibility Service will be arranged for selected performances on trial basis to foster an inclusive learning environment whereas museums and libraries will explore new themes for their activities. We hope the launching of these initiatives will offer students a brand new experience.

The unflagging support from principals and teachers over the years is the driving force behind our continuous improvement. Feedback on the following pages does not only reflect how much the participants enjoy these arts and cultural activities, but also motivates us to strive for excellence. Looking forward, we count on your sterling support and hope our venues will be filled with footprints and laughter of the participating students.

*Acknowledgement: The School Culture Day Scheme is supported by the Education Bureau.