School Culture Day Scheme

One of the objectives of the Audience Building Office under the Leisure and Cultural Services Department is to promote knowledge and interest in culture and the arts among students. We have been doing so to students of different education stages through various arts education schemes, such as School Culture Day Scheme, School Performing Arts in Practice Scheme, Arts Experience Scheme for Senior Secondary Students, Performing Arts Appreciation Project for Secondary Students, Let’s Enjoy Cantonese Opera in Bamboo Theatre, and General Education in Arts Programme for Tertiary Students. Our efforts were warmly supported by the school sector through the years. For example, the School Culture Day Scheme rolled out in 2001/02 school year was well-received by nearly 990 schools with a cumulative attendance of over 1.65 million, and more than 260 schools have participated in the Scheme consecutively in the past five years. According to our survey conducted in 2016/17 school year, over 80% of the respondents expressed satisfaction with programmes presented by our Office and anticipation to join the Scheme in future. Delighted with such encouraging feedback, we thank you all for your continued support.

In fact, it is the unflagging support and recognition of participating schools that fuel our momentum for innovation and improvement. As an attempt to expose young children to culture and the arts and cultivate their interest, we are introducing a performing arts programme dedicated to upper kindergarten students in the 2017/18 school year. Invitations will be sent to kindergartens separately. We will also continue to provide Arts Accessibility Service in selected programmes wherever appropriate. This is how we support inclusive arts practice and encourage special schools to sign up with us. In this school year, arts groups which join the Scheme for the first time will treat our students to a brand new experience with original programmes.

This brochure contains a line-up of more than 430 sessions of activities, over 95% of which are admission-free. All schools, especially for those which are new to the Scheme, are cordially invited to sign up with us. We hope that with the guidance of the schools, students will make the best use of our extra-curricular learning resources and one-stop services. And by doing so, they can visit our performance venues, museums and libraries during school hours to experience the fun of life-wide learning and deepen their knowledge of the arts, history and science.

In addition to the programmes listed in this brochure, we will present other arts and cultural programmes, as well as extra activities for selected programmes, which are equally interesting. For updates, please refer to the upcoming promotional materials and online announcements. We wish you all a fruitful journey of culture and arts!

Acknowledgement: The School Culture Day Scheme is supported by the Education Bureau.