School Culture Day Scheme

Students are the future pillars of society. By assisting them to develop their independent thinking, analytical power and creativity and to broaden their cultural horizons, we not only help to improve their personality, but also contribute greatly to the development of society. In view of this, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) organises a wide range of arts education programmes every year, including the School Culture Day Scheme, the School Arts Animateur Scheme, the New Synergy Arts Animateur Scheme, the Arts Experience Scheme for Senior Secondary Students, the Performing Arts Criticism Project for Senior Secondary Students and Let’s Enjoy Cantonese Opera in Bamboo Theatre, under which students are provided with diversified learning opportunities outside the classroom to achieve whole-person development.

The School Culture Day Scheme aims at encouraging schools to arrange for their students to visit the LCSD’s performance venues, museums and libraries during school hours for participation in various cultural activities specially designed for them. Some 600 activities will be organised under the Scheme in the 2013/14 school year. To strive for excellence, these include activities which have been organised before and are warmly received by students and some completely new programmes. Furthermore, students will be arranged to see the performances by the arts groups which participate in the Scheme for the first time and to visit the new venues. The rich array of programmes will not only provide students with different cultural experiences, but will also enhance their interest in arts and develop their potential. All primary, secondary and special schools in Hong Kong are welcome to participate in the Scheme and priority will be given to those which have never joined the Scheme before.

To provide more support for students, some of the activities under the Scheme welcome parental participation. We hope that the parents will help their children to further explore the fun and meaning of participation in arts and cultural activities. We also look forward to the continued support from schools for the Scheme so as to provide students with a more enriching and 3-dimensional learning experience.

Acknowledgement: The School Culture Day Scheme is supported by the Education Bureau.