Drama Gallery
“Feng Shui Trilogy – Change amid Stability” (In Cantonese)

Activities Include

“Feng Shui Trilogy – Change amid Stability” Community Touring Performances (Completed)
Fundamental Puppet Control Workshop (Completed)
Fundamental Drawing Workshop (Completed)
Fundamental Playwriting Workshop (Completed)
Fundamental Handicraft Workshop (Completed)
Fundamental Photography Workshop (Completed)
Fundamental Acting Workshop (Completed)
Fundamental Miniature Workshop (Completed)
Fundamental Make-up Workshop (Completed)
Finale Exhibition (Completed)

Production Team

Artistic Director / Director / Playwright / Instructor: Yu Hon-ting
Producer / Instructor: Liu Shuk-fan, Gladys
Project Coordinator: Chiu Ling-yee, Ruby
Composer: Ho Chun-kit, Frankie
Lyricist: Chan Man-kong, Rensen
Choreographer: Wong Chi-wing
Stage and Costume Designer / Instructor: Cheung Pui-pui, Goretti
Finale Exhibition Designer / Instructor / Performer: Sit Hoi-fai, Harvey
Instructor / Performer: Yu Kin-sang, Benny
Instructors: Li Ka-lok, Ben, Ma Wing-chi, Joyce, Yuen Yuk-ying, Shybil
Performers: Chan Cham-man, Peter, Cheng Pui-ka, Fung Hung-sze, 
        Alice, Lai Wai-ling, Winki, Wu Chun-him, Yip Hing-wah, Billy


Programme Enquiries :

2372 9007 (Drama Gallery)

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General Enquiries:

2591 1300 (LCSD)

The presenter reserves the right to substitute instructors and performers and change the programme should unavoidable circumstances make it necessary.

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