Theatre Ronin
“Piu Sik in Electronic Music” (In Cantonese)

Activities Include

Creative Electronic Music Workshop (Completed)
“Micro” Piu Sik Making Workshop (Completed)
Piu Sik Performance and Costume Making Workshop (Completed)
Photography Workshop (Completed)
“Piu Sik in Electronic Music” Touring Performance(Completed)
“Piu Sik in Electronic Music” Finale Performance and Exhibition (Completed)

About the Group

Founded in 2006 by Tam Hung-man who is also currently its Artistic Director, Theatre Ronin is a one-year grantee of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. The company is dedicated to creating theatre productions imbued with local cultural characteristics and inspired by Hong Kong literature. Its repertory includes The Mariana Trench (with 3rd run in Beijing in 2013, premiere and a re-run in Hong Kong), Legend of the Ocean: La La & the Litter Castle, P.E. Period 2.0, My P.E. Period, Landscape in the Mist (premiered in Hong Kong and a re-run in Beijing in 2012), Searching for Da Vinci, Wilderness of Soul and To Be Continued. Always sharpening its theatrical “sword”, Theatre Ronin roams freely on stage with its wildly romantic imagination, presenting scenes of humanity and freezing them in time so as to preserve whatever beauty that remains in this world at a time when ‘aura’ is fading fast.

Production Team

Artistic Director / Playwright / Stage Designer : TAM Hung-man
Director : WONG Man-ho
Choreographer / Dancer : MA Sze-nga
Music Creation & Design / Live Music / Instructor : LAI Chi-yung
Music Creation & Design / Live Music : MAN Kai-hei
Costume Designer : LAU Shut-yee
Performers: CHAN Siu-tung, SHUM Kwan-yi, CHAN Kin-man
Puppeteer / Instructor : CHAN See-lik
Instructors : CHEUNG Chi-wai, WUN Chun-sze, LEE Kin-wai

Programme Enquiries :

3971 0831 (Theatre Ronin)

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General Enquiries:

2591 1300 (LCSD)

The presenter reserves the right to substitute instructors, performers and change the programme should unavoidable circumstances make it necessary.

The content of this programme does not represent the views of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.