Arts Experience Scheme for Senior Secondary Students

2012/13 Arts Experience Scheme for Senior Secondary Students

Programme Details
The Call of Lu Xun
Completed Programmes
Eighteen Springs * 1587, A Year of No Significance * Julius Caesar The Divine Comedy of Capitalism * Another Last Lesson * A Doll’s House Thunderstorm Neither Lament of the Exile You Sanjie O You Heavenly Creatures! Romeo and Juliet in Music Plateau Bluebells * The Music World of Animation * Tuesdays with Morrie * The Comedy of K * The Nutcracker * A Chorus Line * None of Your Business The Emperor, his Mom, a Eunuch and a Man* The Story of La Traviata Goddess of River Luo

* These programmes are offered by the arts groups in support of the 2012/13 "Arts Experience Scheme for Senior Secondary Students".


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