Arts Experience Scheme for Senior Secondary Students

The Arts Experience Scheme for Senior Secondary Students has been implemented since the 2009/10 academic year. In order to tie in with the learning experiences of “Aesthetic Development” under the New Senior Secondary School Curriculum, apart from offering suitable performing arts programmes, the Scheme also arranges related extension activities to enhance students’ knowledge of and interest in performing arts. Through these exciting programmes and extension activities, students are guided to contemplate and explore issues closely related to their daily life.

In the 2013/14 academic year, we are delighted to have the active participation of various arts groups and artists. A rich array of performing arts programmes as well as pre-/post-performance introductory performances and workshops were organised to enrich students’ experience in performing arts. In order to enable students to exchange their ideas and interact with arts practitioners directly, budding and renowned local artists such as Catherine YAU, Christopher PAK, Jacky YU, YUEN Siu-fai, SIN Chun-tung, Anson LAM, David QUAH, Dennis WU, Miu Dan-ching, Hoi Chui, Sheena CHEUNG, CHEUNG Fei-fan, LEUNG Shing-him, Cindy LEUNG, LEUNG Wai-kit, Chan Wing-chuen, FUNG Hunt-sze, Sun Kim-long, Jason YIP, Ellen LIU, Joseph LIN, SIT Hoi-fai, LAW Chung-kin and Carmen LO were invited to host a total of 133 extension activities at the participating schools to introduce the artistic features of their works and to share their personal experiences so that students can have a better understanding of the appeal of performing arts.

In the new academic year, a total of 22 programmes will be organised under the Scheme, featuring various arts forms including dance, drama, music, Chinese opera and multimedia arts. As in previous years, every programme will be supplemented by related extension activities. Apart from giving students the opportunities to appreciate the excellent performances of arts groups from around the world, these activities will also help to enhance their understanding of the programmes and provide them with a more holistic aesthetic experience. Since its inception, a total of 221 schools have taken part in the Scheme. We are grateful to the principals and teachers of all these schools for their assistance and look forward to their continued support for the Scheme, which will certainly add colours to students’ formative years.

The 2014/15 Arts Experience Scheme for Senior Secondary Students is supported by the Education Bureau.