Arts Experience Scheme for Senior Secondary Students


With the changing of times, textbooks are no longer the only tool for learning in today’s education. Instead, greater emphasis is placed on the development of multiple intelligences and the implementation of life-wide learning. To tie in with the New Senior Secondary Curriculum in 2009, the Arts Experience Scheme for Senior Secondary Students was launched by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department to draw students to professional performing venues to experience different art forms. Apart from enjoying performances combined with an educational element, they can participate in extension activities including pre-performance lectures, post-performance appreciation sessions and interactive workshops. Through close interaction with the artists, students can also learn about the concept, artistic merits and production of individual performances to gain a deeper understanding of performing arts.

With the support of local artists and performing arts groups, we have published appreciation guides in the 2016/17 school year. Numerous artists including Natalie Hung, Yu Hon-ting, Ivanhoe Lam, Ken Kwok, Cissy Ma, Krystal Leung, Cyrus Hui, Miu Dan-ching, Janet Wong, Sun Kim-long, Yan Pat-to, Mandu Cheung, Lai Sim-fong, Louie Lai, Bastien Tai, Ling Tse and Sit Hoi-fai joined us in hosting over 60 extension activities at the participating schools. We hope that exposing students to a spectrum of artistic media will not only provide them with inspiration and stimulation, but also develop their aesthetic sense, creativity and critical thinking skills.

In the upcoming school year, we will provide 18 programmes to include various topics and forms such as Chinese folklore, Greek mythology, ethnodrama, original period drama based on history, theatrical production that merges text and physical movement, opera, dance and concerts featuring poetry and music, jazz, classical as well as carnival music.

Participating students are expected to immerse themselves in the experience and integrate arts into their learning. We also look forward to continued support from principals, teachers and arts educators who will lead them through their learning process. We hope, with their guidance, students will maintain a life-long interest in the arts and live a flourishing life.

*Acknowledgement: The Arts Experience Scheme for Senior Secondary Students is supported by the Education Bureau.