Arts Experience Scheme for Senior Secondary Students


Since the 2009/10 school year, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department has been launching the Arts Experience Scheme for Senior Secondary Students to provide students with the opportunities to appreciate performing arts and to broaden their artistic horizons. A myriad of art-learning elements are incorporated into the programmes to tie in with “Other Learning Experience in Aesthetic Development” under the New Senior Secondary Curriculum. Apart from staging performances in performing venues for students, the Scheme also invites artists to host extension activities at schools, including pre-performance lectures, post-performance appreciation sessions and interactive workshops. These activities have provided a platform for students to interact with artists and brought the arts closer to their everyday lives.

During the past school year, local artists including Wong Man-ho, Christopher Pak, Shum Lok-man, Dennis Wu, Cindy Leung, Ken Kwok, Rensen Chan, Wong Chi-wing, Sun Kim-long, Calvin Tang, Sit Hoi-fai and Jo Ngai joined us in over 60 extension activities and hosted talks and interactive sessions at the participating schools. Students were given a better idea of the concept behind productions, the beauty of performing arts and the pains and gains of artists. In the upcoming school year, we are going to provide 18 programmes covering drama, dance, music, Chinese opera and multimedia arts. We hope that exposure to different art forms would help students develop their potentials, creativity and imagination and enrich their cultural life.

The Scheme has been growing from strength to strength over the years thanks to the untiring support from principals, teachers and parents as well as the active participation of arts groups and arts educators. We look forward to your continued support in cultivating a sustained interest in the arts among students. We hope, by doing so, they will embrace the arts as a great companion in the years to come.

The Arts Experience Scheme for Senior Secondary Students is supported by the Education Bureau.