Arts Experience Scheme for Senior Secondary Students

The Arts Experience Scheme for Senior Secondary Students has been implemented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department since the 2009/10 academic year to tie in with the implementation of Aesthetic Development under the New Senior Secondary Curriculum. Apart from performance arts programmes which are tailor-made for senior secondary students, associated extension activities are also provided under the Scheme to encourage student participation with a view to enhancing their knowledge of and interest in arts as well as inspiring their reflections on issues of life.

In the 2012/13 academic year, we offered 23 programmes and more than 22 000 tickets were sold. To provide students with opportunities to meet and interact with arts practitioners, well-known local artists such as Hardy Tsoi, Bonni Chan, Sean Curran, Wong Chun-tat, Austin Yip, Leung Chi-hin, Tang Yuen-ha, Geng Tianyuan, Ho Ying-fung, Chan Kwan-yun, Yu Chun-kau, Wan Tik-lun, Kan Kar-ming, Li Chun-kit, Simon Peter Ho, Victor Ma, Mandy Yim, To Shuk-chi, Yuen Siu-fai, Sun Kim-long, Lai Yiu-wai, Lam Tin-yau and Miu Dan-ching were invited to host 113 seminars, demonstrations and workshops at around 63 participating schools. It was an enlightening and thought-provoking experience for the students to meet the artists and hear them explain the characteristics of their own works and share their creative thoughts and experience. We wish to express our thanks to the participating schools for their enormous support in arranging the participation of students in these activities and the provision of venues for the extension activities. Special thanks also go to the participating artists and arts groups, who have put so much effort into the development of suitable content for the programmes.

In the new academic year, we plan to present 24 programmes encompassing various art forms such as dance, drama, music, opera, Chinese opera and multi-media arts. Some of the programmes will even feature performing arts talent from beyond our boundaries, allowing students to explore different cultures by watching stunning performances of arts groups from around the world. Since the inception of the Scheme, there have been a total of 198 participating schools. We hope that the school principals and teachers will continue to support this initiative, which will make the life of students fuller and richer.

The 2013/14 Arts Experience Scheme for Senior Secondary Students is supported by the Education Bureau.