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Venue Partnership Scheme

Fully implemented from April 2009, the Venue Partnership Scheme aims to foster a partnership between the venues and performing arts groups / organizations with the objectives of building up the artistic image and character of the venue and its partner, enlarging the audience base, optimizing usage of facilities, developing venue-based marketing strategies, facilitating the solicitation of corporate/private sponsorship, encouraging community involvement in promoting the arts in the community. The second round of the Scheme will be implemented from April 2012 to March 2015.

Our Venue Partners
"The Cantonese Opera Advancement Association" and "Trinity Theatre and The Radiant Theatre" are the Venue Partners of the Sha Tin Town Hall. The Venue Partner of Auditorium is The Cantonese Opera Advancement Association and include the following troupes :

The Venue Partner of Auditorium is The Cantonese Opera Advancement Association and include the following troupes :

  1. Sun Moon Star Cantonese Opera
  2. Glory Chinese Opera Institute
  3. Hong Kong Sun Sing Cantonese Opera Promotive Association
  4. Ming Fai Cantonese Opera Association
  5. Sing Fai Cantonese Opera
  6. Eurana Operatic Arts Assembly
  7. Kam Yuk Tong Cantonese Opera Troupe
  8. Lung Kui Kam Yuen Court
  9. Go-Sing Cantonese Opera Troupe
  10. Wing Cheong Cantonese Opera Promotion Association
  11. Fung Ngai Cantonese Opera
  12. Rainbow Opera Troupe
  13. Yeung Ming Cantonese Opera Troupe
  14. Kim Sang Fai Cantonese Opera
  15. Love and Faith Cantonese Opera Laboratory
  16. Tung Ling Chinese Traditional Opera Centre


Programme Enquiries

(852) 2691 2937

The Venue Partner of Cultural Activities Hall are Trinity Theatre and The Radiant Theatre.

Programme Enquiries

Trinity Theatre (852) 2574 4968
The Radiant Theatre (852) 9238 3158

Paid Programme Highlights
  • Working Holiday
  • ɰ
  • Free Programme Highlights

    July 2014
    13th (Sun) 2pm
    Cantonese Opera Parenting Performance by The Cantonese Opera Advancement Association (Conducted in Cantonese)

    19th (Sat) 3:30pm
    Cantonese Opera Excerpts by The Cantonese Opera Advancement Association

    Aug 2014
    25th – 31st (Mon-Sun) 12-7pm
    Exhibition Gallery
    Working Holiday Exhibition by Trinity Theatre

    30th (Sat) 3pm
    Foyer Performance by The Radiant Theatre

    Please refer to the individual programme leaflet or publicity materials for details.

    The presenter reserves the right to substitute artist and change the programme should unavoidable circumstances make it necessary.
    Content of the programmes does not represent the views of Leisure and Cultural Services Department.


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