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Hiring Arrangement

Rental Subsidy Scheme
The Rental Subsidy Scheme for the Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre
(Simplified Version)
(effective from 1 January 2002)

Criteria for Subsidy
(1) Application for subsidy is open to organizations formed by statute.
(2) Its Constitution or Memorandum should specifically provide that members do not take any share of the profits nor any share of the assets upon dissolution.
(3) The co-presenter or co-organizer of the function should also meet the criteria in (1) and (2) above.
(4) The function should be open to the public except for rehearsals.
(5) (a) In the case of performance venues, the function should be in furtherance of the performing arts.
(b) In the case of lecture and exhibition venues, subsidy may be granted for cultural, scientific, literary or visual arts functions.
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Forms of Subsidy
(1) Successful applicant will pay the Basic Hire Charge less a discount of:
(a) 65% off for the major venues; or
(b) 50% off for the minor venues.
(2) No waiver or discount will be granted for charges for miscellaneous services, equipment and other reimbursables.
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Application Procedure
The applicant should furnish the following together with the venue booking application form:
(1) (a) certificate of registration or notification of establishment of society under the Societies Ordinance; or
(b) certificate of incorporation under the Companies Ordinance; or
(c) certificate of registration on the list of approved charitable institutions or trusts of a public character; and
(2) a copy of the Constitution or Memorandum and Articles of Association duly signed by the Chairman and one other office-bearer to the effect that it is a true copy.

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