15 December 2012 issue
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Nan Lian Garden Music Series ─ Guqin Concert by Deyin Qin Society
Guqin is the musical instrument of the literati, and its music is characterized by serenity and subtlety. Traditional and new pieces will be played with antique instruments in the concerts.

Concert by Hong Kong City Chinese Orchestra
Different programmes in three performances, including:
TV Themes Suite, A Victorious Return, Autumn Moon over a Placid Lake, The Red Plum Capriccio, Sister Song, Spring in Jiangnan, etc.

Nan Lian Garden Music Series: Guqin Recital by Cheng Gongliang and Dai Xiaolian
The Guangling Stylistic School of guqin - Undulating but varied rhythm, delicate and intricate fingering, sensitive and assured touch on the strings
Chinese Opera

Divino Tango by Pasiones Company (Argentina)
Sensuous and elegant, this is a show with great emotional impact where the course of the stories takes us to the wonderful and fascinating scenes of a lively and hopeful Argentina.

Contemporary Dance Choreography Lecture-demonstration Series
Choreography as to construct a house and each house has its uniqueness. The numerous combinations of materials and styles create thousands possibilities, even deconstructing the old one to reconstruct a new one. Every creation is derived from deconstruction and construction.

Yeung Ming Cantonese Opera Troupe – Cantonese Opera Programme Celebrating New Year 2014
In celebration of the new year, young Cantonese opera artists Lau Wai-ming & Emily Chan will be staging three classic comic repertories in January. Book NOW!


Koon Kin Kuen Cantonese Opera Troupe
With Lung Koon-tin and Wong Chiu-kwan as the leads, the troupe presents one new and two classical Cantonese Opera repertoires in January. Romantic love stories that you should not miss!

Cantonese Vernacular Art: Nanyin and Cantonese Opera – Talks cum Demonstration Performances
With demonstration by veteran nanyin singer, Dr. Ng Wing-mui, and young Cantonese opera artists, Prof Yu Siu-wah will explore how nanyin is as much a musical art form within the Cantonese vernacular system as Cantonese Opera.

Theatre Space - Checkmate
In Cantonese
If Twelve Angry Men touched, Checkmate promises to rock!
A 15th anniversary production of Theatre Space.
A go legend that vanished with the Sino-Japanese War.


Edward Lam Dance Theatre –
I Hate Therefore I Marry

In Putonghua with Chinese surtitles

I hate therefore I marry, I married therefore I hate.
Edward Lam × Wing-sze Wong in another unholy matrimony - following Awakening and What is Success?, now an atrocious comedy.

Theatre Ronin - Memorandum: 10 years. Han. Xiao
Theatre Ronin has transformed seven short stories (Written by Hon Lai-chu, Dorothy Tse Hiu-hung and Lee Wai-yi) into literary music theatre, bringing a new theatre experience

'Cheers!': Sleeping Horses Lie by Terrapin Puppet Theatre (Australia)
Sally bumped into a strange world full of challenges. She finally discovered the strength within and found her way back home. This is a story blending with puppet and animation.

‘I-sensation’ Series:
I Infinite by Tom Dale Company (UK)

Set in a white, digitally animated environment where audiences are free to roam, I Infinite is a mesmerizing meditation on the digital world’s quest to re-create life.

Multimedia Seminar Series
Speaker Kung Chi-sing will invite artists from different art fields to share with participants their creative experiences and insights on multimedia performance.

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