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Lingnan Music Series – Zheng Concert and Demonstration Lecture by Chen Anhua

Venue Date & Time Price
Theatre, Jao Tsung-I Academy
Demonstration Lecture
22.03.2014 (Sat) 15:00
Free Admission
Theatre, Yau Ma Tei Theatre
23.03.2014(Sun) 20:00
$220, $150
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As founder of the South China stylistic school of zheng music, Chen Anhua has won the acclaim as the number one player of zheng in the South China region.  He will be performing not only zheng solo but also with his son Chen Weimin, two yehu and pipa musicians as a typical Chaozhou music ensemble ‘xiyue’.  It promises to be a concert not to be missed!




Water Flowing Down a Spring Stream

Riding the Donkey Backwards (Fanxian Mode)

Liu Qingniang (Heavy Six Mode) and (Live Five Mode)

The Lament of Lady Zhaojun (Heavy Six Mode)

Fish Hawks Dabbling in the Water (Heavy Six Mode)

The Pink Lotus (Various Mode)

Lamentation in the Boudoir (Live Five Mode)

The Moon Rises High (Heavy Six Mode)

As the Waves Wash the Sand (Light Three & Heavy Six Mode)

Pining for the Secular World (Light Six Mode)

Wild Geese on the Sandbank (Light Six Mode)

Butterflies Among Flowers (Light Six Mode)

The Moon on the West River (Light Six Mode)

About the Performers


Chen Anhua



Chen Anhua is a famous teacher and virtuoso of zheng music currently on the faculty of the Xinghai Conservatory of Music in Guangzhou and supervisor on the Master’s degree programme for zheng.  He has been teaching the instrument for more than 50 years in high school.  His students have performed in many countries and regions, and many have either given solo recitals or won in competitions.  Wei Li, nominee for the 2009 Grammy Awards – Best Instrumental Soloist Performance (Without Orchestra) was one of his mentees.


Chen honed his skills by seeking the coaching of virtuosi from all over China during his youth.  He has therefore benefitted from a total of 10 zheng maestros of both the Northern and Southern stylistic schools.  In Guangzhou, he is a famous artist who has been invited to give command performances for dignitaries from China and abroad, whether as a soloist.  His solo performances have also been made into films.


Chen is the author of South China Zheng Scores and has published numerous articles on his chosen instrumental genre.  He founded the South China stylistic school of zheng music, and was nominated by the Xinghai Conservatory for the accreditation of Class Two Professor in 2010.


Chen was formerly Vice President of the Zheng Society under the auspices of the Chinese Musicians Association, Executive Director of the China Nationalities Orchestra Society and Vice President of its Professional Committee, President of the Zheng Society of the Guangdong Musicians’ Association, and a member of the Academic Committee as well as Vice Chairman of the First to Seventh Sessions of the Society for the Academic Exchange of the Art of Chinese Zheng.  He was also one the adjudicators of the Accreditation of Advanced Qualification for Music – Guangdong Province, the Chinese Golden Bell Award for Music and the Wenhua Awards.  Chen was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award in Chinese Music by the China Nationalities Orchestra Society in 2011, and an Outstanding Achievement Award in Chinese Zheng by the Zheng Society of the Chinese Musicians Association in 2013.


Chen Weimin



Chen Weimin is a young teacher and virtuoso in zheng, and an exponent of the South China school.  He is currently on the faculty of the School of Ethnic Music at the Xinghai Conservatory of Music, and serves as Vice President and Secretary General of the Zheng Society of the Guangdong Musicians Association and Director of the Zheng Society of the China Nationalities Orchestra Society.


Chen has grown up in a musical environment, being initiated into music by his father Chen Anhua, and Sun Wenyan.  While studying for a Master’s degree in Beijing, he was supervised by Li Wanfen and benefitted from the coaching of Lin Ling and Wang Zhongshan.  His Master’s degree thesis was on Lingnan Zheng – The Orthodox Music of South China Down the Ages.  His gift in music has won him the encouraging attention of several maestros of contemporary zheng music, such as Cao Zheng, Zhao Yuzhai, Gao Zicheng etc..  Furthermore, he has the musical lineage of two highly esteemed leaders in Chaozhou music – Li Jiating and Hong Peichen, and that of two legendary names in Hakka zheng music – his teacher He Yuzhai and, his teacher’s teacher, Luo Jiuxiang.  Despite all these advantages, Chen has been striving to apply his firm grasp of musicality to enhance the intellectual touch in South China zheng music.  He continues to blend the rigour of the academic school and the grandeur of classics into the zheng music of the common folks to make this regional genre rise to new heights.


Cai Xiaoxin



Cai Xiaoxin is a native of Shantou and a National Class Three Musician.  He trained as a professional musician at the Shantou Chinese Opera School of Guangdong, leaving in 2003 and later joined the Shantou Chaozhou Ensemble where he is currently its lead player.  He has many years of experience performing on stage.


Cai has performed with many famous orchestras and conductors in China and overseas, both in concerto and as soloist.  He has made numerous videos for television and radio stations in China as well as for overseas media.  His discography includes over 20 albums which were hits everywhere and won rave reviews.  He has toured with ensembles to Singapore, Hong Kong and Macao and won a National Gold Award and another for Best Yehu Accompaniment at the Orchid and Sunny Spring Awards for Guqin in China in 2010.  Cai plays his instrument with pizzazz, impressing his audience with its unique flavour and outstanding musicianship.  He is highly esteemed by professionals and colleagues in the field of Chaozhou music.


Xu Xianglin



Xu Xianglin is a National Class Two Musician and a member of the Shantou Musicians Association.  He trained as a professional musician at the Shantou Chinese Opera School of Guangdong, leaving in 1978.  With more than 30 years of experience in Chaozhou Opera ensemble accompaniment and Chaozhou music, Xu has amassed a lot of stage experience.


As an accompanist, he has a repertoire of over sixty Chaozhou Operas such as Dagger Society, Jiangjie, Yuan Chonghuan etc., in which he plays either solo or as lead.  Most of the productions have been made into recordings for public release.  Among them, Xu Xianglin – Pipa Virtuoso (Chinese Chaozhou Music Virtuosi Series) won the Instrumental – Album award at the Sixth China Gold Record Awards.  He participated in the studio recording of over 20 albums of Chaozhou music which are hits in China and other parts of the world and won critical reviews.  He has toured with ensembles to Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and has contributed to the performance and performing practices of the pipa within the context of Chaozhou music.





Tickets available from 16 January onwards at all URBTIX outlets, on Internet and by Telephone Credit Card Booking.

Half-price tickets available for senior citizens aged 60 or above, people with disabilities and the minder, full-time students and Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) recipients (Limited tickets for CSSA recipients available on a first-come-first-served basis).


Group Booking Discount

10% off for each purchase of 4-9 standard tickets; 15% off for 10-19 standard tickets; 20% off for 20 or more standard tickets.


‘Lingnan Music Series’ Package Discount

For each purchase of standard tickets for Hong Kong Chiuchow Music Ensemble – A Concert of Chaozhou Gongs and Drums Da luogu, Hong Kong Chiuchow Music Ensemble – A Concert of Chaozhou Xianshi Ensemble Music, Sounding Treasures and Zheng Concert by Chen Anhua:

10% off for any 2 programmes, 15% off for any 3 programmes, 20% off for all 4 programmes.

(Except ‘Raoping Chiu Chow Opera Troupe of Guangdong & Sun Hon Kwong Chiu Chow Opera Troupe’)


Patrons can enjoy only one of the above discount schemes for each purchase. Please inform the box office staff at the time of purchase.


The box office of Yau Ma Tei Theatre only sells tickets for programmes performed at the venue. 


Programme Length

Running time of each performance is about 1 hour 30 minutes with an intermission of 15 minutes.

Audience are strongly advised to arrive punctually. No latecomers will be admitted until a suitable break or the interval in the programme.



Programme Enquiries: 2268 7321

Ticketing Enquiries: 2734 9009

Telephone Credit Card Booking: 2111 5999

Internet Booking : www.urbtix.hk


The presenter reserves the right to change the programme and substitute artists should unavoidable circumstances make it necessary.

Demonstration Lecture (Conducted in Cantonese)

22.3.2014 (Sat) 3pm

Theatre, Jao Tsung-I Academy

(Address: 800 Castle Peak Road, Kowloon)


Demonstrator: Chen Anhua

Moderator: Prof. Yu Siu-wah


Free admission on a first-come-first-served basis.


Running time of the demonstration lecture is about 1 hour 15 minutes



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