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Cantonese Opera Day

Venue Date & Time Price
Hong Kong Cultural Centre
Free Admission

The theme for this year is "The Young and the Vigorous", and one of the highlights is a talk series featuring three young Cantonese Opera librettists. Other fun-filled programmes of the Day are distributed among 4 theme zones at Hong Kong Cultural Centre :


Piazza Area C  

Young Cantonese Opera Artists Showcase

Piazza Area A & B

Cantonese Opera Variety Zone


Children Cantonese Opera Artists Showcase

Level 4, Administration Building

Cantonese Opera Discovery Zone


Piazza Area C

Young Cantonese Opera Artists Showcase

Opening Ceremony and Performance


Opening Ceremony and Performance


Cantonese Opera Excerpts


Testing His Loyal Wife


The Flooding from The Legend of the White Snake


Wu Song Slays His Sister-in-law and The Lion's Mansion


Spectral Marriage from Recollection of Dreams


Visiting Lake from The Legend of the White Snake


Piazza Area A

Cantonese Opera Variety Zone

Cantonese Opera Excerpts


Cheating the Golden Sword


Chastising the Princess


Zhou Yu Wallowing in a Love Song


Interception on the River to Save the Young Prince


Workshop *


Workshop on Stylized Movement & Posture of Cantonese Opera#

(Fighting with swords & horsewhips and flicking sleeves)


*  The workshop is open to persons aged 6 or above

#  Free tickets for "Workshop on Stylized Movements & Posture of
   Cantonese Opera" will be distributed at the Enquiry Counter at 3pm on
   24.11.2013 on a first-come-first-served basis. Each person is limited to
   TWO tickets only.

Piazza Area B

Cantonese Opera Variety Zone


Game Stalls    2:15-5:30pm

    * Cantonese Opera Face/Hand Painting

    * Cantonese Opera BINGO

    * Leaping Over Cantonese Opera Day


Autograph Session


Liza Wang


Wan Fei-yin


Sun Kim-long, Tang Mi-ling


Lau Wai-ming, Cheng Wing-mui


Lee Lung, Nam Fung


Lung Koon-tin, Wong Chiu-kwan

Please have your own camera ready


Guided Tour (conducted in English and Putonghua)

A guided tour of the Cantonese Opera Day fun fair! You will learn more about this performing art form and enjoy the edutainment programmes all the more.


(1) “Take a Stroll’ (Guided Tour on Cantonese Opera Day)

       Session: 2:00 –5:30pm

       (20 minutes per session)

       Quota: 12

       No reservation required


(2) Appreciation Workshop

      Session: 1:30pm, 2:30pm, 4:30pm (conducted in English)
                   3:30pm (conducted in Putonghua)

      (45 minutes per session)

      Quota: 30

      Telephone reservation (during office hours): 2268 7325



Children Cantonese Opera Artists Showcase


Cantonese Opera Excerpts / Cantonese Operatic Songs


Shi Kefa’s Fatal Battle in Yangzhou


Breaking the Royal Sedan Chair


Lady Zhaojun Going Beyond the Great Wall


Cleaving Open Mount Huashan in Anger


Rendezvous at River Luo in a Dream


Encounter on the Road from Contention for the Seal


Romance of the Phoenix Tower


Crossing the Ravine from The Lady Warriors of the Yang Family


A New Cantonese Opera New Blood and Young Hearts


Taking Leave of His Sister before the Uprising from The Mid-Autumn Festival Uprising


Invocation to the Departed Soul from The Return of Zhu Bian


Laments on the West Mansion


When the Sword and the Hairpin Reunite


Foyer Exhibition


  Discovering the Cantonese Opera Heritage
  Coordinated by Hong Kong Heritage Museum


4/F, Adm Bldg

Cantonese Opera Discovery Zone



Talk Series on Young Cantonese Opera Librettists: Creative Experience for New Cantonese Opera Repertory

(In Cantonese)

1:00-2:00pm         Embark on Creative Way – Difficulties and Challenges

2:15-3:15pm         The Inheritance and Innovation for Adapt Screenplay

3:30-4:30pm         My Trials on Cantonese Opera Repertory

Exhibition Gallery
Workshop *

2:00-3:30pm        Cantonese Opera Make-up Demonstration Workshop#

3:45-5:15pm        Cantonese Opera Dress-up Demonstration Workshop#

(Conducted in English and Cantonese)

The audience can take turns to take pictures with the demonstrators after the workshop (Please have your own camera ready)

* The workshops are open to persons aged 6 or above

 #   Free workshop tickets will be distributed at the Enquiry Counter on
      24.11.2013 as scheduled below on a first-come-first-served basis. Each
      person is limited to TWO tickets only.

      12:30pm        Distribution of tickets for ‘Cantonese Opera Make-up
                            Demonstration Workshop’

      2:30pm          Distribution of tickets for ‘Cantonese Opera Dress-up
                            Demonstration Workshop’

Souvenir Redemption

Collect your stamp coupon at the Stamp Counter and get it chopped at Plazza A & C and one of the Game Stalls – you can collect a souvenir from the Redemption Counter (while stock lasts)



Please click on the map to enlarge image
Please click on the map to enlarge image

Other Programmes

Please refer to Chinese version.



Programme Enquiries:2268 7325

The presenter reserves the right to substitute artists and change the programme should unavoidable circumstances make it necessary
The contents of this programme do not represent the views of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department


The Leisure and Cultural Services Department world like to thank the following
organizations for their generous support to the event :

Agency For Volunteer Services, Auxlliary Medical Service, Civil Aid Service
and the many other people asscoiated with staging the event.


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