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Cantonese Operatic Songs Concerts

Venue Date Time Price
Concert Hall, Hong Kong Cultural Centre
$260, $200, $140, $100
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Auditorium, Tuen Mun Town Hall
$220, $180, $140, $100
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25 November 2012 (Sun)
Host: Wong Kit-ching

An Artistic Legacy (Compilation and music design: Kong Chun-kit)
: Lai Yiu-wai, Kong Chun-kit, Cheung Siu-lun, Tam Ching (Ambassador of Cantonese Opera Day)

Joining Forces to Defeat Cao Cao
Performer: Lee Lung, Tao Wing-sum

The Hairpin as Dagger from The Priceless Jade
Performer: Liao Zhaoming, Nam Fung

Looking for the Plum Blossoms in the Snow from Empress Wu
Performer: Johnson Yuen, Wan Fei-yin

Drying Clothes by the Bonfire
Performer: Law Kar-ying, Li Pui-yan

A Moonlit Night on the Xunyang River
Performer: Ng Chin-fung, Lai Yiu-wai, Leung Sum-yee

Burying the Most Beautiful Courtesan by the Qinhuai River
Performer: Liao Zhaoming, Wan Fei-yin

9 December 2012 (Sun)
Host: Lam Tsz-ching

A Handful of Snow
Performer: Yuen Siu-fai, Wan Fei-yin, Johnson Yuen

Yang Wulang Saving His Younger Brother
Performer: Lee Lung, Tao Wing-sum

Chen Yuanyuan’s First Encounter with Dorgon
Performer: Leung Wai-hong, Nam Fung

Spectral Marriage from Dream in Peony Pavilion
Performer: Ng Chin-fung, Li Pui-yan

Rendezvous at the Boudoir from Uproar in Jade Hall
Performer: Lee Lung, Leung Sum-yee

The Rendezvous
Performer: Liao Zhaoming, Nam Fung

Production team

Please refer to chinese version.

Programme Length

Running Time: 3 hours with an intermission


Tickets available from 15 October onwards at all URBTIX outlets, on Internet and by Telephone Credit Card Booking

Half-price tickets available for senior citizens aged 60 or above, people with disabilities and the minder, full-time students and Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) recipients (Limited tickets for full-time students and CSSA recipients available on a first-come-first-served basis)


Programme Enquiries:2268 7325
Ticketing Enquiries:2734 9009
Telephone Credit Card Booking:2111 5999
Internet Booking:www.urbtix.hk

The presenter reserves the right to substitute artists and change the programme should unavoidable circumstances make it necessary
The contents of this programme do not represent the views of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department


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