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Programme Details
Programme Length
Ticketing and Concession
Dawn Radiance Opera Troupe
Cantonese Opera Summer Camp – Demonstration and Finale Performance


10-11 August 2012 (Fri-Sat) 7:30pm
Theatre, Ngau Chi Wan Civic Centre
Ticket: $90
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Programme Details

10 August 2012 (Fri)
Demonstration performance A Warring Couple
The story takes place in the Han Dynasty during the reign of Emperor Xian. Shangguan Yunlong is a valiant military commander fighting for the country in the south, while his female counterpart Situ Wenfeng is doing the same in the west. Both heroes have won their battles and are awarded equal honours. Then, on their triumphant return to their own hometowns with the Emperor’s blessings, they run into each other. Neither one will make way for the other. The dispute is brought before Emperor Xian, putting him in a predicament. On a whim, the Emperor tries to resolve the issue by declaring Wenfeng his honorary sister and conferring a noble title on Yunlong, topped with an order that the two be united in wedlock in the imperial palace. Up till the nuptial night, the couple’s tit-for-tat bicker shows no sign of ending.

About that time the barbarians in the north are causing disturbances in the border area. In order to decide who to head the expedition to the north, Yunlong and Wenfeng demonstrate their martial skills on the drill ground. As they are about equal, the Emperor resorts to drawing lots. Wenfeng is consequently made supreme commander.  When she exercises her power to appoint her generals, Yunlong refuses to accept any appointment. As a punishment he is ordered to take on the enemy on his own. Unfortunately he falls into an ambush. Wenfeng comes to his rescue and defeats the barbarians. Yunlong thanks for Wenfeng’s assistance and the couple is finally reunited.

Shanguan Yunlong: Kwok Chun-sing
Situ Wenfeng: Cheung Kit-har
Shanguan Meng: Yuen Siu-fai
Shanguan Weiguo: Leung Wai-hong
Emperor Xian: Miu Dan-ching
Situ Mei: Tsui Yue-ming
Situ Weijun: Lai Yiu-wei

11 August 2012 (Sat)
Finale performance by Cantonese Opera Summer Camp participants
Singing performances and routine displays such as wielding the flags, fighting with weapons, flicking the long sleeves, stylized movements and postures etc…

Demonstration performance Hitting the Noodle Crock

Zhou Lamei, an official courtesan, suffers badly from maltreatment and so petitions to the county magistracy to call it quits to her career. The magistrate, the local constable, and the magistrate’s assistant all covet Lamei’s beauty and want to keep her for their own selves. Having no excuse to do so, they however agree to marry Lamei to Zhang Cai, a yamen runner. On the wedding night, they purposely send Cai to Shandong to deliver an urgent dispatch, thereby taking advantage of his absence. They go, one after another, to Zhang’s residence, intending to take liberties with Lamei. Unexpectedly, they embarrass themselves by falling into her trap. Zhang and Zhou are happily reunited.

County magistracy: Yuen Siu-fai
Zhou Lamei: Tsui Yue-ming
Magistrate’s assistant: Leung Wai-hong
Local Constable: Ma Cheuk-lun
Zhang Cai: Lai Yiu-wei

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Programme Length

Running Time: Approx. 2 hrs 30 mins with an intermission

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Ticketing and Concession

Tickets available from 5 July onwards at all URBTIX outlets, on Internet and by credit card telephone booking.
Half-price tickets available for senior citizens aged 60 or above, people with disabilities, full-time students and Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) recipients. (Limited tickets for CSSA recipients available on a first-come-first-served basis)

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Programme Enquiries:2268 7325
Ticketing Enquiries:2734 9009
Telephone Credit Card Booking:2111 5999

The presenter reserves the right to substitute artists and change the programme should unavoidable circumstances make it necessary.
The contents of this programme do not represent the views of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.

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