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Programme Details
Help Us Build a Photo Archive to celebrate the 10th Cantonese Opera Day!
Souvenir Redemption
Cantonese Opera Day


27 November 2011 (Sun) 1:15pm-5:00pm
Hong Kong Cultural Centre
Admission Free
Location Map
Programme Details

Piazza Area C

1:15pm Opening Programme

Cantonese Opera Excerpts
1:30pm The Combat
2:00pm Kneeling by the Pond
2:30pm The Hu Homestead
3:00pm On Broken Bridge
3:30pm The Monkey King Borrows the Magic Iron Fan
4:00pm Lu An Zhou
4:30pm Meeting on the City Tower


Cantonese Opera Excerpts / Cantonese Operatic Songs
1:30pm Saving Pui  
2:00pm Lu An Zhou  
2:20pm Reunion at Taihu in a Dream
2:25pm The Moon Pavilion
2:30pm Dik Ching Crashing Through Three Passes  
3:00pm Daiyu at Her Death Bed
3:10pm Farewell on Dongting Lake
3:15pm The Lovers’ Pledge at the Hall of Longevity
3:35pm Invocation to the Departed Soul
4:00pm The Reunion
4:05pm The Chance Meeting When Plucking the Prunes
4:25pm A Spray of Plum Blossoms as a Pledge of Love, A Poem on Swallows
4:40pm Meng Jiang Nu’s Arduous Journey in Finding Her Husband, The Ballad of Hua Mulan

Foyer Exhibition
22-27/11 Discovering The Cantonese Opera Heritage
Coordinated by Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Piazza Area B

Autograph Session
(Please have your own camera ready)

Game Stalls 1:30-5:00pm
Dress Up Like a Cantonese Opera Star
Make-up Like a Cantonese Opera Star
Who’s Who and Who Does What in a Cantonese Opera?
Paint Your Cantonese Opera Impressions
(Get your sketchbook and paint brushes ready, make a pictorial log of all the fun activities!)
English Guided Tour
A guided tour of the Cantonese Opera Day fun fair! You will learn more about this performing art form and enjoy the edutainment programmes all the more. (Conducted in English)

Session:1:30pm , 2:30pm, 3:30pm, 4:00pm 
________ (30 minutes per session)
Telephone Reservation (during office hours): 2268 7325

4/F, Administration Building

Exhibition Gallery
2:00-3:30pm Styles of Singing in Cantonese Opera Demonstration Workshop* 
3:45-5:15pm Musical Instruments in Cantonese Opera Demonstration Workshop

Talk (In Cantonese)
2:00-3:30pm The Appreciation of Cantonese Opera  
3:45-5:15pm In the Realm of Cantonese Opera Music

2:00-3:30pm Cantonese Opera Make-up Demonstration Workshop  
3:45-5:15pm Cantonese Opera Dress-up Demonstration Workshop(Conducted in English and Cantonese) 

The audience can take turns to take pictures with the demonstrators after the workshop (Please have your own camera ready)

Piazza Area A

Cantonese Opera Excerpts
1:30pm Rendezvous at River Luo in a Dream
2:00pm Interrogating Her Husband and Helping Her Husband Escape
2:45pm Finding the Hairpin
3:05pm A Wish Fulfilled
3:45pm Workshop on Stylized Movements & Postures of Cantonese Opera
______ (Hand movements, fighting with spears, wielding the magic duster' routine, flicking sleeves
______ and flipping fans)

The workshops are open to persons aged 6 or above
Free workshop tickets will be distributed at the ' Cantonese Opera Day' Enquiry Counter on the event day as scheduled below on a first-come-first-served basis. Each person is limited to TWO tickets only.
12:30pm Distribution of tickets for ‘Styles of Singing in Cantonese Opera’ and 'Cantonese Opera 
_______ Make-up’ demonstration workshops
2:30pm  Distribution of tickets for ‘Musical Instruments in Cantonese Opera’ and ‘Cantonese Opera
_______ Dress-up’ demonstration workshops
3:00pm  Distribution of tickets for ‘Workshop on Stylized Movements & Postures of Cantonese Opera’

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Help Us Build a Photo Archive to celebrate the 10th Cantonese Opera Day!

Thanks for your support and participation, the annual activity of Cantonese Opera Day will be celebrating its 10th anniversary next year! In order to help us build a photo archive of the happy and memorable moments over the years, we would like you to send us snapshots that you took as a record of the fun we have had on the last Sunday of each November since 2003. Pictures selected will be included in an exhibition held towards the end of 2012.

How to enter:
Pick the snapshots that you think are the most interesting or most representative of any particular Cantonese Opera Day over the years, and upload or send them together with your personal details (name, contact telephone number and email address)between 1/12/2011 and 29/2/2012 to the following:-
For upload: ‘Cantonese Opera Day’ on Facebook;
By mail: Cultural Presentations Section, Podium, Administration Building, Hong Kong Cultural Centre,
_______ 10 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. (Please mark on your envelope ‘Photo(s) 
_______ for CantoneseOpera Day over the years’)

Terms and Conditions:
─ Only individual Contributors are accepted. Each Contributor may submit up to 10 photographs of
.. different images.
─ The photographs should (i) contain images taken at the venues where Cantonese Opera Day
.. activities were held; (ii) be able to indicate the specific year of the Cantonese Opera Day, between 
.. 2003 and 2011, such as by stage design, leaflet or poster; (iii) be in 3R size or above,
.. or in resolution of 3 megapixel or greater.
─ The Organiser shall not be held liable for any third party’s claim or file for litigation as the Contributor
.. is deemed to have full copyright of his/her work(s), for which he/she shall be liable.
─ The Organiser has the right to use the said photograph(s) for purposes including, but not limited to,
.. reproduction, records, publication, exhibition, publicity, promotion etc., without the consent of, and
.. consideration to, the Contributor.
─ All photographs submitted will not be returned. Please submit copies only.
─ The Organiser reserves the right to the final decision of this activity.
─ The information provided by the Contributors will be used for coordination and communication for 
.. 'Cantonese Opera Day’. For access and correction of personal data, please call 22687325.

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Souvenir Redemption

Get your stamp coupon chopped with TWO different colour stamps at the stamp counter – you can collect a souvenir from the redemption counter (while stock lasts)

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Programme Enquiries:2268 7325

The presenter reserves the right to substitute artists and change the programme should unavoidable circumstances make it necessary
The contents of this programme do not represent the views of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department

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