Non-profit-distributing district arts organizations of North District which have hired the facilities of North District Town Hall for organizing arts and cultural activity in direct promotion of arts and culture for the district are eligible to apply for venue sponsorship to waive the hire charges.
The applicant should be a bona-fide non-profit-distributing district arts organization which is established with the promotion of culture and arts as one of its prime objectives and able to produce supporting documents of proof;
The proposed activity should be a cultural or arts activity directly related to the promotion of performing, visual or literary arts at district level;
The proposed activity should be open to the public;
All co-organizers of the proposed activity should also be non-profit-distributing arts organizations of the same district;
The total involvement in the proposed activity by parties who are not members of the apply organization should not exceed 50% of the entire activity.
(Note: The LCSD should be appropriately acknowledged in all publicity materials of the proposed activity.)
Application for District Arts and Cultural Activities Venue Sponsorship should be made to the Cultural Services Office (NT East) at least 4 months prior to the first day of the proposed activity;
Application should include a detailed budget of the proposed activity.

Enquiries: 2694 2562 (Mr. CHAN)