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Outreach Interest Class Programme
Course Outlines of Phase 35 (Mar-Jul 2014)
- Foundation Classes of Chinese Musical Instruments
- Foundation Classes of Western Musical Instruments
- Workshop Series
Arrangements for Holidays / Class Suspension / Inclement Weather
Certificate of Attendance
Class Rules
Class Rules
1. A trainee shall attend the lessons in person and shall not ask another person to take his place or accompany him during lessons.
2. A trainee shall not change class without permission; otherwise, his right of attendance will be terminated and no refund of tuition fee will be made.
3. Enrolment receipt and identification document (e.g. Identity Card or Student Card) shall be presented for verification upon request.
4. Trainees should bring along their own musical instruments and scores to classes. No musical instrument rental, loan or storage service will be provided.
5. A trainee shall be punctual in class. Arriving late and/or leaving early for more than a quarter of the class time shall be regarded as absent.
6. A trainee shall not be absent from class without a valid reason as absenteeism adversely affects learning progress. The Music Office will not arrange make-up class or refund for absentees.
7. The Music Office reserves the rights to change the instructor, time and venue of the course due to contingency. Trainees have no right to oppose the same.
8. Instructors will give lessons according to the syllabus. Minor changes may, however, be made with reference to the musical standard of the majority of trainees in a class.
9. No eating, drinking or smoking is allowed in the class.
10. Mobile phones and pagers must be switched off during lessons.
11. A trainee shall take good care of the facilities in the classroom, behave in an orderly manner, show respect for instructors, and observe all rules laid down by the Music Office and the Laws of Hong Kong. Otherwise, the Music Office reserves the right to remove him from class, and refund of tuition fee paid will not be made. Besides, a trainee is liable to compensation for damages to public property.
12. Neither the Music Office nor course instructors will order books, musical instruments, etc. for the trainees. Course instructors will only provide objective, professional advice for trainees’ reference in connection with the selection of musical instruments.
13. All trainees have to use the original copy of textbook /& workbook in the class.


The Music Office reserves the rights to make and retain audio and visual recordings of the trainees' performance in the class or other functions held by the Music Office for the purposes of archive, reference and publicity of Music Office related activities.