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“Classical Music DJ@School” Workshop
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Programme Brief
A successful classical music host has to possess rich music knowledge and be self-confident, most importantly, know how to guide the audience to appreciate classical music. Through joining the workshop, students will be introduced the basic skills for presenting classical music to mass audiences. Besides developing students’ interest in classical music, this event also aims to explore students’ potential in public speaking and presentation.
Programme Content
Date / Venue: October 2013 to February 2014 (date to be worked out separately) / On the campus of the participating schools.
Target: Primary 4 to 6 students can enroll for the primary school class, while secondary students can enroll for the secondary school class.
During the 1.5-hr lesson, the instructor will give students practical guidance on search of music materials, script writing and tips on how to become a competent classical music host. Based on the advice of the instructor, students will be invited to make a presentation of their best-loved classical music or composers, so as to gain the experience of being a classical music host.
Fees and Enrollment
Free admission.
Capacity per activity: Approximate 150 students
Interested schools please download and fill in the application form for reservation.
Hosts of classical music in radio station.
Medium of Instruction
  Remark﹕Quota full!
Enquiries : 2158 6467 / 2582 5321