The Hong Kong Film Archive building is a world-class facility. Five-storey high, its net floor area of 7,200 square meters is structurally divided into two big partitions. One side of the building is dedicated to storage, which has independent air conditioning system with dehumidification and acidic gaseous removal functions. The other side is used for screening, exhibition, offices and other public access functions.

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We are an internationally renowned film archive dedicated to preserving Hong Kong's film heritage, facilitating research and bringing film art to the community.


  • Collect and conserve Hong Kong films and related materials.
  • Catalogue and maintain the collection through a user-friendly computer system for easy access of information.
  • Provide film and related information for the film industry, researchers, and the general public.
  • Enhance appreciation and understanding of film art and film history by organising regular retrospective screenings, exhibitions, seminars and symposiums on film.
  • Research the history of Hong Kong cinema and publish quality publications.


  • Professionalism
  • Passion
  • Sharing
  • Collaboration

Selection of Collection Items and Programmes

In order to maintain a representative collection of films and film-related materials and to provide varied programmes for public appreciation, the following selection principles and criteria for acquisition and programming are adopted. A mechanism involving the endorsement by a Programme Committee with the advice from a panel of film advisers as and when necessary is in place to determine the acceptance of acquisition, donation and programming proposals.

Assessment Criteria for Collection Items:

  • Relevance to Hong Kong films
  • Historical value
  • Availability / rarity
  • Research value
  • Physical condition
  • Price
  • Display value

Assessment Criteria for Public Programmes:

  • Whether the programme falls into the scope of the Hong Kong Film Archive's vision, mission and values.
  • The idea, historical value, feasibility and educational value of the programme, as well as whether the estimated cost is reasonable.
  • Public appeal of the proposed programme.

Financial & Attendance Figures for 2016/2017

I. Expenditure(in HK$)

Items in HK$
1.Salaries 22,658,138
2.Operating Cost
(Technical and specialist services, maintenance and contract services, etc.)
3.Electricity, Cleaning and Security 8,538,966
4.Publicity and Printing 541,404
5.Exhibitions 1,877,278
Total 61,909,957

II. Revenue(in HK$)

Items in HK$
1.Hiring 190,020
2.Other Revenue 374,587
Total 564,607

III. Attendance

Items Visitors
Attendance 172,570


Film Panel

Museum expert advisers are appointed by the Director of Leisure and Culture Services for a period of two years to provide professional advice to the museums of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department on matters pertaining to the promotion of art, history, science and film, in particular the acquisition of collection items. Advisers specialising in the field of film are as follows:

(Names are listed in alphabetical order)

Name   Professional Background

Mr. CHEUNG Chi Sing

- Vice Chairman, Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers
- Vice Chairman, Hong Kong Screenwriters' Guild
- Exco member, Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild

Mr. CHEUNG Tung Joe

- Honorary President, Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild
- Vice Chairman, Hong Kong Screenwriters' Guild

Mr. CHONG Ching, John

- Member, Hong Kong Film Development Council
- Member, Hong Kong Arts Development Council


- Veteran film critics and researcher 

Mr. FUNG Yi Ching, Allan

- Director, Panorama Corporation Limited 

Mr. LAM Yuk Wah, Peter

- Vice President, Hong Kong Televisioners Association
- Vice Chairman, Hong Kong Motion Picture Industry Association

Mr. LAU Yiu Kuen, M.H.
(alias: LAW Kar)

- Board of Director, Hong Kong Film Critics Society
- Board of Director, The Hong Kong International Film Festival Society
- Ex-Programmer, Hong Kong Film Archive
- Jury Member, Chinese Documentary Festival, (2008-2016)
- Final Year Project External Examiner (2011-2014) and Expert Consultant (2016), School
  of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong

Mr. NG See Yuen, B.B.S., J.P.

- Chairman, Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers
- Honorary Permanent President, Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild
- Advisor, Hong Kong International Film Festival

Mr. SEK Kei

- Veteran film critics and researcher

Mr. SHU Kei

- Chair, School of Film and Television,
  The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
- Member, Hong Kong Film Development Council

Prof. SZE Man Hung, Stephen

- Professor, Department of Motion Pictures and Video, Kun Shan University

The late Ms. WONG Ain Ling

- Member, Hong Kong Film Critics Society
- Ex-Research Officer, Hong Kong Film Archive