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Download Newsletter Issue 65
(PDF format, about 4.66MB)
Starry Starry Night
Fung Bo-bo & I
Child Prodigy: Fortune and Misfortune
When We Were Kids: Memories of My Fellow Child Stars
100 Must-see Hong Kong Movies
Jazzing It Up with Gong and Drum: Musings on How to Get a Wife
Woman in White: The Unbelievable Wan Hoi-ling
Hong Kong Cinema in Cuba
Mr Jack Lee Fong and New Finds from 1930s & 40s
Multiversions of Films
Archiving Redefined
International Archives Day 2013
Bruce Lee is Back
The Lodger is Still Around
Movie Talk II: Chiu Kang-chien
Rise and Shine
Telling the Untold
Fun Forever: Comedian Yu Ming
Hong Kong Literature and Culture of the 1950s
Chinese-Language Cinema: Text, Context and History
Two Cinematic Feasts Abroad
More English translation
(PDF format, about 196KB)
The Hong Kong Film Archive Bulletin (May–Jul 2013)
(PDF format, about 210KB)

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You may download it here.


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