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The Chaozhou-dialect Films of Hong Kong (In Chinese) Abstracts


Po Fung

From the Editor 
May Ng

Some Observation and Understanding of Chaozhou-dialect Film
Po Fung

Chaozhou-dialect Film and the Chaozhou Diaspora
Stephanie Chung Po-yin

'A Native Sound is Worth a Million’: The Interaction between 1960s Chaozhou-dialect Film Industries in China, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia
Yung Sai-shing

The Time-transcending Singsong of Chaozhou: Seven Chaozhou-dialect Hong Kong and Mainland Co-productions at a Glance
Lin Chunjun

'Su-sanity': The Story of Sixth Madam Su and Its Cross-establishment Interactions in Singapore
Su Zhangkai

Three Variations on Meeting in the Reed Field on the Chaozhou Screen
Louie Kin-sheun

Chaozhou Opera Music Accompaniment in Film and Stage: A Study of The Chivalrous Songstress and How a Fearless Daughter Avenges Her Father
Lau Fok-kwong

On the Features of Chaozhou–Guangdong Musical Crossing in Hong Kong’s Chaozhou-dialect Cinema
Yu Siu-wah

Chan Chor-wai: the Meteor Trail of a Chaozhou Opera Supreme Divo on the Silver Screen
May Ng

Fanny Ha: Making Hong Kong’s First Chaozhou-dialect Film
Chan Chor-wai: The Ups and Downs of My 60-Year Artistic Career
Cheung Ying-yin: The Xin Tian Cai Troupe as Ground Zero
Chan Man-cheong: All About the Tung Shan Film Company
Lily Chan: From Tai Lang to Chiu Ngee
Law Chi: Why I Ventured into Chaozhou-dialect Cinema

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