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Golden Harvest: Leading Change in Changing Times

Po Fung

The Organisational Structure and Developmental History of Golden Harvest
Po Fung

The Vicissitudes of Golden Studios: From Factory-Oriented Production to Star System and Satellite Operation
Sek Kei

Golden Harvest’s Outreach Strategy and Competitive Fronts in Thailand and Korea During Its Early Years
Law Kar

From Shaw Brothers to Golden Harvest: Raymond Chow and Japan
Kinnia Yau Shuk-ting

More Detour Than Legacy: Golden Harvest’s Hollywood Gambit
Sam Ho

Mischievous Urban Fantasia: Michael Hui’s Comic Mode
Ernest Chan

Sammo Hung, the One and Only
Lam Chiu-wing

The Kid, the Cop, the Adventurer
Cheng Chuen-wai

The Female Kung Fu Chop in Golden Harvest’s Films of the 1970s
Stephen Teo

Like Brother, Like Sister: Angela Mao, the ‘Female Dragon’ in the Eyes of Japanese Fans
Udagawa Koyo

From Wuxia to Comedy: Lo Wei and John Woo’s Early Works
Matthew Cheng

Middle-Class Comedies by Mobile Film Productions
Wong Ain-ling

The Way of the Big Boss: Interview with Raymond Chow

Good Business is the Best Art: Louis Sit on the Management Style of Golden Harvest

Riding High on Big Tides: Albert Lee on Overseas Distribution of Golden Harvest’s Films 

The Golden Harvest Chronology



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