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The Amoy-dialect Films of Hong Kong (In Chinese)     Abstracts

Po Fung

From the Editor
May Ng

Anecdotes of Hong Kong Cinema: Amoy-dialect Film
Yu Mo-wan

A Sketch of Amoy-dialect Film Industry and Basic Characteristics of Its Output
Po Fung

The Overseas Network of Fujian Emigrants and the Amoy-dialect Film Industry
Stephanie Chung Po-yin

The Amoy-dialect Film Industry and the Philippine-Chinese
Jeremy E. Taylor

From the Peach Blossom Village to King’s Road: The Geography of Amoy-dialect Films
Yung Sai-shing

The Ten Years of the Intertwined Fate of Amoy- and Taiwanese-dialect Films
Huang Jen

The Music of Amoy-dialect Period Films: The Case of Nanguan
Wang Ying-fen

The Music in 1950s Amoy-dialect Films: An Indicator of Cultural Interactions in Hong Kong
Yu Siu-wah

Wishes from Afar: A Glimpse of the South Seas Sentiments from Film Artefacts
Su Zhangkai

Some Observations on the Adaptation Process of Amoy-dialect Films
May Ng

Oral History Interview: Wong Ching-ho
Oral History Interview: Ivy Ling Bo
Oral History Interview: Chong Sit Fong
Oral History Interview: Lou Hung

Biographical Notes

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