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Mastering Virtue: The Cinematic Legend of a Martial Artist


Po Fung

Wong Fei-hung and His Three Companions
Po Fung

Triumph of the Martial Spirit: The Rise and Fall of Guangdong–Hong Kong Combat Novels
Peter Wong Chung-ming

Revisiting Wong Fei-hung Movies Past 70 Years of Age
Lo Wai-luen

A Preliminary Study of the Mise-en-scene in the Late-1960s Wong Fei-hung Movies
Lau Yam

The Patriot Wong Fei-hung as Portrayed on Television
Ka Ming

From Sun Liang Chau to Wong Fei-hung: The Life and Career of Kwan Tak-hing
May Ng

Alter Ego of the Wuxia Hero: ‘Villain Kin’

The Music of Wong Fei-hung Films in the 1950s and the Historical Music Culture Within
Yu Siu-wah

Destroy the Old to Establish the New: Wong Fei-hung Films of the 1970s
Matthew Cheng

Regional and Anti-foreign Sentiments of Kung Fu Genre as Reflected in Wong Fei-hung Movies
Wong Chi-fai


About Chu Yu-chai
Lau Yam

Makers of the Wong Fei-hung Legend
Po Fung

Hung Fist Masters on Their Craft
Collated by Lau Yam

Photo of Wong Fei-hung?
Po Fung

Wong Fei-hung Films and Related Works
Compiled by Lau Yam

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