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One for All: The Union Film Spirit

Table of contents

Grace Ng

Glory Be with Cantonese Films: Ng Cho-fan and Union Film
Zhou Chengren

Between Union Film and Sin Fung Ming: Hong Kong Cinema and Cantonese Opera Reformation Projects of the 1950s
Yung Sai-shing

Preliminary Study of the Music in Family
Yu Siu-wah

Union Film: From Noon Till Dusk
Law Kar

The Allure of the Time: The Making of the Union Film Aesthetics
Lo Wai-luk

To Behave Like a Human: The World of Human Emotions in Union’s Cinema
Tsui Cheong-ming

Union Film and the War Experience
Po Fung

A Garden of Rare Fragrance: Cantonese Opera Pictures by Union Film
May Ng

Playing with Words in Family, Spring and Autumn
Victor Or

Critical Sentimentalism: A Preliminary Inquiry into Union Film’s Recreation of Western Literary Classics
Kenny Ng Kwok-kwan

Personal Weakness, Personal Choice: Eternal Love and Transcultural Adaptations of 1950s Hong Kong Literature
Mary Wong Shuk-han

From ‘Country’ to ‘Family’: The Moulding of Chun Kim’s Creative Style and the Cultural Ties between Singapore and Hong Kong during the Union Film Era
Grace Mak Yan-yan

Swallow at the Threshold, Plum Blossom by the Bridge
Wong Ain-ling

Social Realism of Union Film and the Governmental Fabricated Myth of ‘Hong Kong Spirit’
Chan Wan

Glory of Union Film
Yuen Tsz-ying

21 Union Film Shareholders: Biographical Notes
Collated & Edited by Yuen Tsz-ying

The Union Filmography
Collated by Yuen Tsz-ying

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