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Fei Mu's Confucius

Table of contents

Preface: The Resurfacing and Restoration of Confucius
Introduction: The Vicissitudes of History
Wong Ain-ling

Remembrance of a Dream in Light and Shadow   Barbara Fei
My Father and Confucius: Conception and Production, Lost and Found   Serena Jin
History and Literature   Li Ling
An Imprint of a Hard Time   Louie Kin-sheun
The Tradition of the 'King without a Crown'   Leung Man-tao
Exploring Film as a Literary Form in Confucius   Koo Siu-sun
Beauty in Ren, Poetry in Images: Confucian Aesthetics in Confucius  
Sam Ho

The Music Score of Confucius   Lau Chor-wah
Western Instruments, Chinese Sounds: The Film Music of Confucius  
Tse Chun-yan

Confucius and Confucius: A Comparative Viewing  Cheng Chuen-wai
Crystallisations of the Times   Shu Kei

Confucius and His Times   Fei Mu
The Production of Confucius: The Cast   Fei Mu
Confucius: The Film and Its Music   Qin Pengzhang
A New Understanding of Confucius   Wei Ruhui
Our Expectations of Confucius   Fang Dian, Ying Weimin
Synopsis of Confucius

Bio-filmography of Fei Mu
Appendix: Original Film Materials of Confucius

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