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The Cathay Story, Revised Edition

Table of contents

Wong Ain-ling


[The Grand Cathay Stage]
A Southeast Asian Tycoon and His Movie Dream: Loke Wan Tho and MP & GI
Stephanie Chung Po-yin

The Cathay Organisation and Hong Kong Cinema
Yu Mo-wan

Modernity, Cold War, and Hong Kong Mandarin Cinema
Poshek Fu

A Glimpse of MP & GI's Creative/Production Situation: Some Speculations, Some Doubts
Law Kar

Notes on MP & GI
Shu Kei

Cathay and the Wuxia Movie
Stephen Teo

[Crossing Borders]
Vampires, Heroes and Jesters: A History of Cathay Keris
Timothy P. Barnard

Taiwan: The Transnational Battlefield of Cathay and Shaws
Emilie Yeh Yueh-yu

How to be a Man: A Study of Male and Female Masculinities in You were Meant for Me
Yau Ching

Women who Cross Borders: MP & GI's Modernity Programme
Mary Wong

The Popular and the Classical: Reminiscences on The Wild, Wild Rose
Leo Lee Ou-fan

From The Love Parade to My Kingdom for a Husband: Hollywood Musicals and Cantonese Opera Films of the 1950s
Yung Sai-shing

Strangers in Paradise
Michael Lam

Urban Imagination in the Films of Nellie Chin Yu and MP & GI
Leung Ping-kwan

The Film Set Battle: When Eileen Chang Meets Lin Dai
Edward Lam

Prolific Oddball: Wong Tin-lam
Sek Kei

A Look at MP & GI Cantonese Films Through the Work of Tso Kea
Li Cheuk-to

Yao Min's 'MP & GI Style'
Wong Kee-chee

Freeze-frame Impressions of MP & GI's Male Stars
Tso Kuei-fang

Helen Li Mei and Roy Chiao
Wong Kee-chee

From Distribution to Production: Albert Odell on a Key Cathay Moment

Making Cantonese Films: Tau Hon-fun Remembers

My MP & GI Days
Kei Shang-tong

Last Person Carrying the Torch: Meileen Choo on Cathay's Family Legacy

The Last Days of Cathay Studio: Memories of a Young Assistant
Sek Kei

One Big Happy Family: Grace Chang's Cathay Story

Kelly Lai Chen: Mr Melancholy's MP & GI Days

The World of MP & GI Through the Eyes of Peter Dunn


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