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Hong Kong Film Archive Treasures: An Exhibition

Table of contents

The Provisional Urban Council Membership List




Hong Kong Film Archive

Just Want to Say: Thank You!
Cynthia Liu

Donors and Depositors of the Hong Kong Film Archive

Yu Mo-wan

Thematic Special: Kwan Tak-hing

The Later Master Kwan Tak-hing: A Role Model
David Quan Hon-chuen

Thematic Special: Chua Boon-hean

In Memory of My Father
Chua Lam

Thematic Special: Josephine Siao

The Myth of Josephine Siao
Winnie Fu

Thematic Special: Chow Yun-fat

Chow Yun-fat: Life of A Star
Winnie Fu

Visual Materials: Celluloid Treasures

Audio Materials: Nostalgic Film Songs

Pictorial Materials: Photos, Stills and Posters

Textual Materials: Scripts, Handbills, Brochures, Magazines, Newspapers, Letters & Contracts

Handbills and Their Values
Ho Ying-lung

Everything I Know about Movie Theatres in Hong Kong
Ho Ying-lung

Entertainment Publications in Hong Kong
Lin Man-on

New Acquisitions

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