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Oral History Series (3): Director Chor Yuen

Table of contents

Grace Ng and Kwok Ching Ling

Chor Yuen on Chor Yuen
Birth and Family Background
Beginning of My Film Career
My Days as Assistant Director and Scriptwriter
From Kong Ngee to Shaw Brothers
Some of My Early Works
The Peak of My Career - Roses, The Prodigal and Such
Joining Cathay and Making Mandarin Films
My Days at Shaws
From Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan to The House of 72 Tenants
Why I Made Those Gu Long Films
Life after Shaws
On Making Films
Production Limitations of Hong Kong Film
Talking about Personalities
Conclusion: Time Makes the Man

A Critique on Chor Yuen's Style
Sek Kei

The Mystery and Romance of the Rose
Sek Kei

Cross-Over Romanticism
Sek Kei

Spring Comes to Chor Yuen
Law Kar


A Chor Yuen Chronology


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