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Monographs of Hong Kong Film Veterans 1
- Hong Kong Here I come

Table of contents


Hong Kong Film Archive

Filmmakers on Their Films (Selection of Stills)

Hands-in-hands (Group Photos)

Tong Yuejuan: The Best of Times in Hsin Hwa
Wong Ain-ling

Chin Tsi-ang: Pioneer of the Lady Knights
Donna Chu

The Lofty Spirit of Director Yue Feng
Mable Ho

The Director Who Showed Me the Path to Buddhism - Yue Feng
Cheng Pei-pei

Ho Look-ying: King of Cinematographers
Donna Chu

Still Casting a Giant Shadow - The Career of Director Wu Pang
Yuen Tsz-ying

Lo Dun: The Films of My Era
Kwok Ching-ling

Chen Dieyi: Scouring the Universe with a Pen
Donna Chu

Evergreen Li Lihua
Donna Chu

Compiled by Yuen Tsz-ying
- Hsin Hwa Motion Picture Company
- Chin Tsi-ang
- Yue Feng
- Ho Look-ying
- Wu Pang
- Lo Dun
- Li Lihua
- Chen Dieyi



Biographies of Writers

Archive Staff

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