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Zhu Shilin: A Filmmaker of His Times

Table of contents

Wong Ain-ling

The Portrait of Zhu Shilin as an Auteur
Liu Hui

Blowing in the Wind: Zhu Shilin's Creative Ups and Downs in His Zhonglian and Huaying Periods
Lin Chang and Zhang Wei

At the Crossroads: The Identity Crisis of Zhu Shilin and Fei Mu
Ding Yaping

Hong Kong Under the Lens of Zhu Shilin: An Examination of Zhu's Films from 1946 to 1954
May Ng

The Leftist Cause and Domestic Enlightenment: The Dividing Wall, Between Fire and Water, Festival Moon
Chan Chi-tak

New Times, Old Times: Women's Education and Gender Roles in Zhu Shilin's Films
Grace Ng

The Early Works of Zhu Shilin and Contemporary Chinese Culture of the Early 20th Century
Shen Shuang

Zhu Shilin's Musings on Women, Love and Marriage in Film
Lau Shing-hon

Sorrows of the Housewife
Michael Lam

The Dividing Wall: Zhu Shilin's Matrimonial Vision
Wong Ain-ling

Genre-crossing of Film and Opera: The Cinema of Zhu Shilin at a Glance
Koo Siu-sun

The Gravest Miscarriage of Justice in Chinese Film History: Sorrows of the Forbidden City
Zhou Chengren

Race, Nation, and Ground Zero of Chinese Modernity: Sorrows of the Forbidden City—60 years later—A Reconsideration
Evans Chan

Oral History (1): Chu Fung and Chu Yan

Oral History (2): Cen Fan





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