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Li Han-hsiang, Storyteller

Table of contents

Wong Ain-ling

When the Director was Young and Handsome
Wong Kee-chee

Women in Charge, Men in Exile
Wong Ain-ling

A Storyteller for All Seasons
Michael Lam

The Northern Flavour of Li Han-hsiang's Films
Po Fung

Stolen Glimpses of the Forbidden City: The Qing Imperial Court in Li Han-hsiang's Films
Wallace Kwong

Profiling Cixi
Siu Wai

Hong Kong Vice: The Cheating Trilogy
Sam Ho

A Sensuous Misunderstanding: Women and Sexualities in Li Han-hsiang's Fengyue Films
Yau Ching

From Shaw Brothers to Grand Motion Picture: Localisation of Huangmei Diao Films
Emilie Yeh Yueh-yu

The Li Han-hsiang Effect on Mainland-Hong Kong Film and Television Collaboration
Zhao Weifang

Li Han-hsiang's Long Men Zhen

A Conversation with Li Han-Hsiang

Lee Yen-ping

Margaret Li

Zhu Mu

Sung Chuen-sau

Lin Fu-ti

Lam Wa-chiu

Lai Yuk

Wan Pak-nam

A Four-Decade Remembrance
Shu Don-lok

Actors on Li Han-hsiang





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