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The Hong Kong - Guangdong Film Connection

Table of contents

Wong Ain-ling

Ebb and Flow: Early Guangzhou and Hong Kong Film Industries
Zhou Chengren

To Ban and Counter Ban: Cantonese Cinema Caught Between Shanghai and Hong Kong in the 1930s
Lee Pui-tak

A Tale of Two Cinemas: Prewar Tug-of-War Between North and South
Stephanie Chung Po-yin

National Defence Cinema: A Window on Early Cantonese Cinema and Political Upheaval in Mainland China
Han Yanli

Rebuilding the Hong Kong Film Industry after the Great Guangzhou-Hong Kong Strike: Lai Buk-hoi and His Students
Li Yizhuang

Rewriting Lo Ming-yau: Between China and Hong Kong
Poshek Fu

United Photoplay Service: Structure and Organisation
Zhou Chengren

Oral History: Lai man-wai
Edited by Angel Shing

A Legacy in Cross-Fertilisation: Film and Opera Star Ma Si-tsang
Koo Siu-sun

A Wizard in Crossing Disciplines: Yam Wu-fa
Law Kar

Oral History: Li Ngaw
Edited by Jess Wong

Between '1' and 'You': An Architextual Construction of Li Ngaw's Broadcast Drama as Film Adaptation
Linda Lai

Oral History: Wang Weiyi
Edited by Edith Chiu

Once Upon a Dream: Guangzhou Memories in Hong Kong Film
Wong Ain-ling

From Guangdong with Tricks: The Hong Kong Songgun Film
Sam Ho, Grace Ng

A Hero Reinvented: Wong Fei-hung's Cinema Odyssey
Po Fung

Zero Distance: Hong Kong Film and Lingnan Culture
Reeve Wong

The Use of Written Cantonese in Entertainment Texts
Ching May-bo

The Hong Kong-Guangdong Chronology (1897-1959)
Compiled by Grace Ng

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