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'Fame Flame Frame - Jupiter Wong Foto Exhibition' Catalogue

Postlude from Jupiter

Still remember the last time when I compiled my photos into an album, I swore to myself that if I had a chance to produce another photo catalogue, I would not interfere with any decisions on design and concepts unless absolutely necessary. (I was greatly indebted to the designer of my last book, Wong Chi-fai, who patiently corrected my wrong choices.) The point is, I am really not familiar with publishing. I think the moment when I grab my camera to steal a shot is the only moment I am truly confident in myself. Other than that, I am not qualified in making any aesthetic judgment as far as design is concerned (I am not trying to be humble). Fortunately, this time I got many eager friends around to help me out; but I still failed to back myself out and constantly interfered in the editorial process, causing some delays in the project. (I hope I had not caused any damage to the publication, which is the result of much hard work by many.) I would like to apologise to Winnie Fu, Cass Wong, designers Steven Lo and Bede Leung, and Wing Chan and Amy Kong of the HKFA. Also, my gratitude to Winnie Fu for her appreciation and unyielding spirit, without which this photo album would not be realised.

Lastly, thanks to my dear pals for sparing time in their tight schedules to contribute essays to this book. Their writings have made this catalogue all the more valuable. Miss Wong's beautiful writing induced new meanings into my pictures, adding values to their appreciation. The other three good friends Lee Teng, Lai Ho and Bryan Chang kept plating gold on my face, which made me feel embarrassed to face my photo works. In fact, all these 'stolen' images are taken by chance and if praises be made, let them go to the personalities and scenes being recorded.

Jupiter.Beijing Aug 2004



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