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The Early Days of Hong Kong Cinema: An Exhibition (1896-1950)


Cinema was invented in 1895 and by the second year of its invention, it had entered Hong Kong. In celebrating the centenary of the birth of cinema, we look back at the development of Hong Kong cinema in order that we may know how the territory's film industry came about and how it prospered.

Although Hong Kong cinema is primarily a medium of mass entertainment, it possessed filmmakers who were socially concerned and who worked courageously to elevate the quality of Hong Kong films and win international recognition. Filmmakers rose in each generation, one stepping into the breach as another passed from the scene. This exhibition allows viewers to recall their efforts.

It has not been easy to preserve the films from our early days of cinema. Many have not survived. Fortunately, many post-1950s films have been preserved by the television stations allowing younger generations to see images of the not too distant past. However, images from pre-1950s films remain elusive. This exhibition hopes to fill in the gaps in our recollections of the past.

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