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The Cinema of Lee Sun-fung

Table of contents

Wong Ain-ling

On Lee Sun-fung

Reconfigurating the Southern Tradition
- Lee Sun-fung and His Times
Stephanie Chung Po-yin

Tracking Lee Sun-fung's Artistic Development
Law Kar

A Preliminary Study of Lee Sun-fung
Li Cheuk-to

On Rainbow, The Lone Swan and A Tale of Laughter and Tears
Leo Lee Ou-fan

Family and Spring in Analysis
Shu Kei

The Many Faces of Fate
Mary Wong

Unconventional Women - On Early Lee Sun-fung Films
Grace Ng

The Bitter Tears of the Undistinguished
Wong Sui-kei

Remembrance of Things Past - Lee Sun-fung's Costume Films
Michael Lam

A Long and Winding Wenyi Journey
Sam Ho, Wong Ain-ling

Lee Sun-fung on Lee Sun-fung

What Makes a Tragedy?

Major Issue for 1951: What Constitute a Good Wenyi Pian?

The Adaptation of Forever Lily

Self-review of 1951

A Shot is...

The Art of Dˆmcoupage

What is Human Warmth?

Between Scripting and Directing

How to Make the Best of the Ordinary?

Study of the Overall Ambience

On Drama

How to Turn Every Film into a Good Film

Review of Forever Lily, etc

On A Widow Again

A Flower Reborn

On Spring and Anna

From Spring to A Well-to-Do - An Overall Review

Creator's Block


My Early Cinema Experience
Ngan Yee

An Interview with Lee Sun-fung: on Classic Adaptation and Production
Lam Wah

Interview with Tam Ning
Angel Shing

Interview with Lee Sil-hong
Grace Ng, Angel Shing

Interview with Chow Chung
Grace Ng





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