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The Shaw Screen: A Preliminary Study

Table of contents

Wong Ain-ling

The Industrial Evolution of a Fraternal Enterprise:
The Shaw Brothers and the Shaw Organisation
Stephanie Chung Po-yin

Shanghai's Unique Film Productions and Hong Kong's Early Cinema
Zhou Chengren

Shaw Movie Town's 'China Dream' and 'Hong Kong Sentiments'
Sek Kei

Musical China, Classical Impression:
A Preliminary Study of Shaw's Huangmei Diao Film
Edwin W. Chen

The Female Consciousness, the World of Signification and Safe Extramarital Affairs:
A 40th Year Tribute to The Love Eterne
Peggy Chiao Hsiung-ping

A Painter and His Brush: Li Han-hsiang's Beyond the Great Wall and Other Works
Wong Sui-kei

Cinematic Liaozhai: On Beyond the Grave and The Enchanting Shadow
Wong Kee-chee

One Jolts, the Other Orchestrates: Two Transitional Shaw Brothers Figures
Sam Ho

The Origin and Development of Shaws' Colour Wuxia Century
Law Kar

Shaws' Wuxia Films: The Macho Self-Fashioning of Chang Cheh
Stephen Teo

Intrigue Is Hard to Defend: The Conditions of Transition and the Prototype of Hong Kong Culture
Lui Tai-lok, Yiu Wai-hung

The Mysterious Gayness in Chang Cheh's Unhappy World
Michael Lam

Colour in Simplicity: On the Wenyi Films of Shaws
Wong Ain-ling

A Comparative Study of Shaws and MP & GI Through Popular Literature Adaptations:
A Case Study of Du Ning and Chiung Yao
Mary Wong

The Joy of Youth, Made in Hong Kong:
Patricia Lam Fung and Shaws' Cantonese Films
Yung Sai-shing

Lily Ho of Hong Kong
Edward Lam

Inoue at Shaws: The Wellspring of Youth
D.W. Davis, Emilie Yeh Yueh-yu

On Love with an Alien
Kinnia Yau Shuk-ting

Shaws' Japanese Collaboration and Competition as Seen Through the Asian Film Festival Evolution
Kinnia Yau Shuk-ting

The Shaw Chronology
The Shaw Filmography



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