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The Swordsman and His Jiang Hu: Tsui Hark and Hong Kong Film

Table of contents

Law Kar

Sam Ho


Through Thick and Thin:
The Ever-Changing Tsui Hark and the Hong Kong Cinema
Li Cheuk-to

Struggle, Battle, Victory, Buddhism: Tsui Hark and the Force
Sek Kei

Organized Chaos:
Tsui Hark and the System of the Hong Kong Film Industry
Cindy S. C. Chan

Re-Interpreting Classics:
Tsui Hark's Screenwriting Style and Its Influence
Po Fung

Wall to Wall: Music in the Films of Tsui Hark
Yeh Yueh-yu

Working with Tsui Hark

Between Wining and Dining: A Scriptwriter's impression
Liu Damu

Sprinkling a Few Leaves of Licorice Root: An Art Director Contemplates the Magic of Tsui Hark
Bill Lui

I Love Him and I Hate Him: James Wong on Composing for a Truly Creative Mind
Edited by Ho Wai-leng

Worse Than Hitler: Cinematographer Arthur Wong Remembers
Edited by Ho Wai-leng

No Tsui Hark, No Pleasure: Editor Marco Mak Sticks by His Old Master
Edited by Ho Wai-leng

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