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  Donor List  

Owing much to the generous support of film enthusiasts and organisations, the Hong Kong Film Archive has since its inauguration garnered a large number of film prints and artefacts for both internal research and public access. We take this opportunity to extend to all of them our heartfelt thanks.

Beautiful Productions Limited
Dream Movie Entertainment Overseas Limited
Edko Films Limited
Far Sun Film Company Limited
Hui's Film Production Company Limited
Joyful Founder Limited
Mega Ascent Limited
Mega Profit Creation Limited
Universe Films Distribution Company Limited
Ms Chan Heung Kwan
Mr Chan Hin Wing, Gary
Mr Chan Ting Ching
Ms Fong Hon Chong
The Family of Ms Ho Fung Yee
Mr Lau Shing Hon
Ms Lau Yuk Lin
Mr Lee Ying Yuen
Prof Lo Wai Luen
Ms Gilitte Leung
Mr Ma Ding Shing
Ms Pak Yan
Ms Aileen Phoa
Ms Karen So
Mr Yang Tien En

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